RaceMe *Must be accessed from a Windows based computer*

Updating an Ultra Model

Updating a Standard/Pro Model

What is the first thing I should do after receiving my tuner?

You should always check to see if the tuner is up to date.  This will ensure a problem free installation.  You can do this by powering up the tuner and going to MENU --> CONFIG TOOLS--> PAGE UP--> FIRMWARE UPDATE.

Compare the update on the tuner with the current on at www.racemecanada.com under the updates tab.  Keep note that even though the tuner may tell you it is up to date, it is only reading what is on the card and not what is on the website, so be sure to check.

What information should I have if I am having a problem with my tuner and need technical assistance?

Please Email any problems and error codes to tech@racemecanada.com. We will get back to you same day.

You should include:

  • Year of truck and transmission type.
  • Vin#lock check (take picture).
  • RaceME Ultra Information (take picture).
  • ECM Information (take picture).
  • Pictures of error screens.

Should I use a battery charger when I am programming my truck?

Definitely YES! These trucks are sensitive to both low and high voltage as well as dirty and loose battery posts.  Please ensure posts are tight and clean and set charger to "flash" setting.  If charger has no flash setting, set to 6v or 4amp charge.  This will keep voltage constant during programming.  

What does "no valid SD card found" mean? 

This usually is accompanied by a white SD card status (white = non readable) on the bottom right side of the screen.  This error simply means that one of the files in the "data" folder on the SD card is missing or corrupt.  The solution is to format the card, redownload the most current update and reinstall the files back onto the card. Don't forget to safely eject the drive once finished as not doing so can cause the same issue again.  The eject button can be found in the bottom right of the task bar.

I've plugged in my pyrometer probe but it doesn't show up in the menu. What do I do?

Follow these steps:  unplug OBDII connector --> unplug probe connector from controller --> plug in probe connector to controller --> plug in OBDII connector --> power up and go to temp menu under dashboard configuration (touching gauge to select parameter) --> Pyrometer should show up.

What do I do if the tuner keeps telling me to KEY ON and then KEY OFF in an endless loop?

Some aftermarket devices that use CAN addresses such as Alpine GPS systems and or lockpick system and need to be shut off or disconnected because the CAN addressing can collide with the CAN messages being sent from the Ultra.

Where does the unlock cable go and do I have to leave it hooked up after programming?

The unlock or RSA cable must be hooked up on the 2013 and up models for ECM programming to unlock the ECM. The unlock cable must be hooked up on all trucks from 2010 and up to use the real time functions as the commands are sent through this cable.

This cable connects behind the intake horn next to the dipstick. There is a cover on the plug that has to be removed in order to plug the unlock cable in.  The other end gets plugged into side of the communication module. 

This cable can be disconnected after programming but you will lose real time functions and you may get a check engine light without a DTC.  We recommend leaving this cable connected.

What does two red flashes then one green flash and two red flashes repeating on the monitor mean?

This usually means there is a physical connection problem in the system.  Some of the controllers come with guide pins located on the com port side.  These pins need to be unscrewed and discarded as they are too long and don't allow the controller and com mod to seat together properly.  If this is not the problem, you may have a cord problem in which case you should call RaceMe to better diagnose the problem.

Does my tuner support real time changes?

Real time changes are fully supported in the 2010- 2016 6.7l Cummins engines.  Real time changes in the 2007.5 to 2009 are only supported with the use of custom tuning via Warp Tuning. 

How to update RaceMe Ultra

  1. Go to http://www.racemecanada.com/Updates_c_12.html
  2. Select the Updates tab on the left hand side.
  3. Download 7Zip from that page and install.
  4. Download the correct update for your model of RaceME.
  5. It will download as a zipped folder.
  6. Right click on the folder and choose Extract All.
  7. This should then make a new folder on your Desktop that doesn’t have the zipper over it.
  8. Now plug your Micro-SD Card into the USB Adapter included in your box. Plug the USB Adapter into the computer.
  9. Open My Computer so you can view the different drives. The USB Adapter is generally listed as a Removable Drive.
  10. Right click on the drive and hit Format.
  11. This will bring up a new window. Make sure File System says FAT32 and uncheck the box next to Quick Format.
  12. Format the Micro-SD Card.
  13. Once finished, go back to the file folder we downloaded onto the Desktop and open it.
  14. Copy all five files from there by highlighting all of them and hitting Ctrl+C or Right Clicking and choosing Copy.
  15. Open the Removable Drive that you formatted in Step 10.
  16. Right click and hit Paste, or Ctrl+V.
  17. Once that process is finished, you may remove the USB Adapter from the computer and plug the Micro-SD Card back into the RaceMe.

RaceME/RaceME Pro
How can I tell if my tuner is "Vin Locked"?

Power up the unit.  When the "RACEME" title is displayed, it will look like this #  RACEME  # if it is vin locked.  If there are no number signs, the tuner is unlocked.  Currently, there is no way to unlock a tuner except to find the original truck it was locked to.

How can I tell what tune version is on my tuner?

Power up the tuner.  Before you get to the ECM update screen, the tuner will briefly display the current tune and data version.  It will appear like V:9.43D  R:ME01E.

Can I use my tuner on more than one truck at a time?

No, once the tuner is installed, it becomes "vin locked" to that truck. The only way to un vin lock the tuner is to return the truck to "stock". After truck is returned to stock, it may be used on another truck.

Will my tuner work on different years of trucks?

Yes. With minor limitations.
The Race Me tuner and Race Me Pro can be changed from a MY2007.5 through MY2012 by simply updating the tuner with appropriate file.

What do I check if my tuner is plugged in but won’t power up?

Check power cord for damage. If power cord is good, check fuse locations for DLC (diagnostic link connector) as follows:

  • 2007.5- 2009. fuse location 11. 20Amp. Ignition off draw.
  • 2010-2011. fuse location M25. 10A. Bat- J1962 Diag/Mirror.
  • 2012. fuse location M30. 15Amp. J1962 Diag Connector.
  • 2013-2015. fuse location F44. 10Amp. Diagnostic Port.

If it still will not power up, contact tech@racemecanada.com .

What do I do if my programming is interrupted?

Always make sure your battery posts are clean and tight. These trucks can be sensitive to low voltage. Also, we recommend that while programming to use a battery charger on low charge (usually 5 to 10amp charge, or if your charger has a flash program setting). This will ensure a constant voltage while programming and less chance of a problem. If your programming should become interrupted, simply follow the "recovery of the ECM" section in the RaceMe.

What do I do if the dealer flashes over my Race Me software?

You will get a Vin locked message. Press the right arrow button twice to over ride condition and force load the program to the truck. If you see a vin locked meesage in all capital letters, you may have old software on your tuner. Load the current software and update tuner. If problem persists, contact RaceMe technical support.

If I need a recovery file, what should I have ready or include in email?

Year of truck. Vin of truck. Transmission type (68rfe or Aisin), Error type and number (if available), Tuner type and serial number, and a short description of what happened.