Thoroughbred Diesel is totally committed to customer satisfaction and we want your buying experience to be perfect from start to finish. We understand that (you) the customer are our most valuable asset. We follow small town rules; you just treat people right and you do what you say you’re going to do. We strive to deliver more than is expected and to go above and beyond, throughout the entire purchasing process. To us, this is not just another empty promise, rather it’s how we measure our success. 

This is what we mean by Customer Satisfaction

Shipping: It is our commitment to you to provide a tracking number as quickly as possible, once your order has shipped “excluding weekends and holidays.

Sales Staff: Our sales staff isn't here to just place an order. They are trained on the products we offer and are willing to take the time to help you with product questions, installation questions, hep diagnose problems, or anything else you need assistance with.   We offer FREE ADVICE, always have and always will. 

Short Hold Times: We are extremely busy so we can't guarantee you will never have to hold, but we don't want it to be excessive. We are committed to taking care of you. If you feel you have been on hold for too long we want to know. We will add more staff as required to take care of this issue.

Returned Calls: Having to worry about leaving a message or someone telling you they will call you back and not is just bad customer service. “Small Town Rules" We do what we say. If someone says they will call you back in 20 minutes you will get a call back in 20 minutes even if we don't have the answer yet.

Product Returns: We strive to provide the best customer service along with top notch products; however, we realize that mess ups can and do happen.  If you receive a product that was ordered incorrectly or doesn’t meet your expectations, we have a dedicated staff that will assist you in processing a return if necessary.  

How we back this up

We want every customer to have the best buying experience possible so that you will return again and again to the company that truly takes care of its customers.  Dennis Craig, the owner of Thoroughbred Diesel, wants to hear from you directly to know how we are doing. Please leave any comment, good or not so good in the comment section below and he will ensure the not so good stuff is quickly addressed. Please leave any comment, good or not so good in the comment section below and he will ensure the not so good stuff is quickly addressed.   

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