Bully Dog *Must be accessed from a Windows based computer*

Please follow the steps below to update your Bully Dog device.

How to get Update Bully Dog GT

  1. Download and install the Updater from BullyDog.com
  2. Plug the device into the computer.
  3. Open the Updater.
  4. Select the file listed as BDCARD and hit Select Device
  5. Click the button that says Change Application.
  6. Select your vehicle, and continue.
  7. If an Update is needed, the text on the left-hand side will says so. Click the Update button.
  8. This will start the process, but it is NOT the Update. This is simply collecting the files needed. Once this has finished, the Update will start automatically.
  9. Once the Update has finished, a new window will pop up and tell you so. Hit Ok and take the device back to the truck.
  10. With the device plugged into the truck, the screen should say there was an Update done and ask if you would like to install it. Scroll down and hit Update.

Bully Dog ECM Unlock Cable Instructions for Cummins 2013-2016