Smarty *Must be accessed from a Windows based computer*

How to update a Smarty

  1. Go to
  2. Select Downloads, then scroll to the bottom and download the Smarty UDC.
  3. Follow the steps for installation.
  4. There will now be two icons on your Desktop. Choose the one that says Smarty UDCsw.
  5. Plug your device into the computer.
  6. At the top of the window, choose Smarty, then select Smarty Update Manager.
  7. That will open a new window. Click Detect.
  8. If your Smarty was automatically detected, continue on to click the Download button.
  9. If it does not automatically detect, just select your model from the drop down menu.
  10. Then you will select Smarty Updates Available and choose the update version you would like. (If you are unsure, you can choose one of the items and below in the Comments there will be a description of what it is).
  11. Once you have hit the Download button and that finishes, the next step is to select Update.
  12. This will open a new window. The File name should be similar to the name you selected from Step 10. Hit Send, and wait for the update to finish.

What does " CaTCHER " stand for?

CaTCHER stands for Clutch and Traction Challenger.

What is so special about the CaTCHER?

The CaTCHER software is a unique animal.  It improves throttle response of the engine greatly.  It spools up the turbo sooner. (On average 200 RPM sooner.) It deals with the injection timing.  It alters the torque management, just to mention a few.

What's the difference in the CaTCHER softwares?

Mainly the throttle response, or the aggressiveness of the engine response.  Since the full-blown CaTCHER develops torque instantly it can become a pain to drive it on slippery roads.  Thus the need to reduce the response some. Furthermore, there are CaTCHER versions with and without added timing stored in the Smarty. 

Does Smarty only have CaTCHER softwares on board?

No, Smarty offers SW# 0 that provides about HALF the power of a stock software. SW# 1 of Smarty S-03 is a Fuel Saver software. SW# 2 of Smarty S-03 deals only with fuel and boost.  SW # 3 of Smarty S-03 is fuel, boost, and timing.  The remaining levels can be considered full title CaTCHERs.

Does Smarty do the boost fooling function?

Yes, all the softwares in Smarty have modified boost tables in order to allow higher boost without defueling (Except SW # 0 and Stock ).

Can Smarty go from one program to another, or do you have to go back to stock, then to a program?

You can go from any software # to any SW #. No need to go back to stock.

Is Smarty ECM or VIN sensitive?

YES! Smarty only works with one truck AND one ECM at one time. 1 Smarty = One truck AND one ECM.

Is Smarty's DTC reader also VIN# Locked?


If the update is interrupted, how can I recover the ECM?

First of all DON'T PANIC! An interrupted update is a piece of cake for Smarty. Smarty will recover your truck automatically back to the STOCK software.  

Can a dealer detect Smarty?

If you take your 5.9L truck back to stock software then the answer is no. On 6.7L trucks however, the Smarty is detectable