Terms & Conditions for Cores

Many stock replacement parts such as turbos, injectors, injection pumps, and high pressure oil pumps have a core charge that is associated with the new replacement part. You must return the old part to receive a refund on the core charge.

  • In some cases, the core is not reusable, such as in the event of a cracked case, at which point the core deposit would not be credited as the core component is not reusable.
  • Cores that have been disassembled and/or have missing and/or damaged major components will not receive full core credit.
  • Returned cores must be on a "like-for-like" basis, meaning that the returned core has the exact same fitment as the remanufactured component that was purchased. If the core is not "like-for-like," your core may not be eligible for return/credit.
  • You are responsible for core return shipping cost.

If you plan on returning your core you have two options.

Thoroughbred Diesel offers defer the upfront core charge when purchasing via credit card payment.

OPTION 1: You can accept the core charge, which means you will be charged for the part AND the core at time of purchase. You still have the option to send it back, and if you do, the core will be refunded back on the card used, presuming the core meets core criteria and the core is returned within 30 days from the time your order is received. If you return your core after 30 days you may refer to the Core Charge Timeline below as to how you will be refunded.

Core Charge Timeline

  • If the core is returned after 30 days, 90% of the core will be refunded.
  • If the core is returned after 60 days, 70% of the core will be refunded.
  • If the core is returned after 90 days, 50% of the core will be refunded.
  • After 6 months cores will be accepted at Thoroughbred’s discretion.

OPTION 2: Your order WILL NOT ship until the intended vendor receives your core.   You are responsible for paying for the shipping cost to send the core to the vendor.  Once the core has been received, your order will be processed and shipped.

Core Return Procedure

  1. Please keep all original packaging of your new item to be used for the core return.
  2. Drain all fluids: oil, fuel, etc. out of the core before it is returned.
  3. Place any plastic plugs or caps received on the new item back onto the core.
  4. To ensure UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS will not reject the package due to fuel or oil leakage, please wrap the core in a plastic garbage bag.
  5. Place core inside the box.
  6. If core return paperwork was inside the box, please complete the form and send back with the core.
  7. Please provide a tracking number to [email protected]. Without a confirmed tracking number we cannot guarantee your core refund
  8. If you have questions please call our core department 859-737-4966 ext. 5