About Wade McGinnis
Born from a late night rough and tumble with a John Deere tractor, Wade McGinnis is affectionately known as "gear head". He had a happy childhood with many fond memories including: being kicked out of his first day of kindergarten for bringing a bag of tools. Wade took to fixing diesel trucks like a duck takes to water. This straight shooter has got fingers like lightning to fix any diesel related problem. He has the ability to make shrimp and grits like no other and feels at home in the backwoods of Kentucky like that of a Sasquatch. Wade is now putting himself on Youtube to bring to you uncensored cultural topics, current events, and talks about life in general as seen from the perspective of a Kentucky redneck. The Wade's World video series is as American as eating apple pie in a porch swing on a Sunday afternoon. He has worked at Thoroughbred diesel since 2006. He hopes to quit when he wins the lottery that he rarely plays.

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Finding New Hunting and Fishing Spots, and Fixing Diesel Trucks and Tractors
Favorite Sports Team: Kentucky Wildcats
Favorite Quote: "My advice to you is to start drinking heavily."
Favorite Foods: Beer, Ribeye, Tony Chachere, Wright Bacon and Sushi...
Enjoys: Finding Bad Deals on Craigslist and Buying Them Anyway
Love Interest: A Broken John Deer 430 Lawn Tractor named George Jones