About Turbo
One afternoon as our lead mechanic, Wade, was leaving Thoroughbred Diesel he heard the sound of a revving diesel truck engine. The sound was like sweet music to Wade's ears. He could not contain the urge to find out who owned that finely tuned machine. Much to his surprise he found a muscular, Kentucky bred Thoroughbred standing in the shop. Wade immediately knew he and that fiery stallion were destined for great things.

Once Wade composed himself, he immediately asked if the gray horse wanted to join the ranks at Thoroughbred Diesel. With a sly smirk and a nod, Turbo accepted the position of Diesel Mechanic Assistant. The bond that Wade and Turbo formed working together was nothing short of magical.

Let's rewind a few years. Turbo grew up on a small Kentucky horse farm. Even as a foal Turbo was immediately drawn to working with his hands and fixing engines. But Turbo wasn't like the other horses his age. While they passed the time grazing in the field and racing each other, he spent his days in the farm's barn tinkering and fixing engines. As he got older, he freelanced as a mechanic for the neighboring farmers. He worked on anything with an engine from trucks, tractors, and even some cars.

Turbo was happy, but still longed for more. One day, he finally had the courage to go visit his favorite diesel shop, Thoroughbred Diesel. For years he followed their YouTube channel and soaked up all the information he could. On a foggy September morning, Turbo packed his bags, loaded up his rig, and hit the interstate. The destination --Winchester, KY. The rest, as they say, is history. He joined the Thoroughbred Diesel team that very same day.

Turbo is timid at times, but is a bit of a hot head when pushed. Turbo is extremely passionate about anything diesel related. He loves working on diesels and lending a helping hand around the Thoroughbred Diesel shop. He especially enjoys to lift heavy objects. Turbo also loves to meet other diesel enthusiasts and fans. Turbo, of course, wants to take lots of pictures with people. Just make sure to get his good side!

Hobbies: Fixing diesel trucks and tractors, sprinting, lifting weights, and taking pictures
Loves: Meeting new people, a good brushing, getting dirty under a hood of a vehicle, afternoon naps in the sun, and making others smile and laugh
Favorite Foods: Carrots, apples, hay, peppermints, and sugar cubes (on occasion)
Favorite Quote: “Saving Diesel Lives"

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