Test Vehicle: 2011 Chevrolet 2500HD Duramax LML (Project Midnight)ts-mp-8-project-midnight
Current Mileage: 10,429
Testing For: Fuel Economy, Horsepower Gains, Torque Out Put
Course: 44 mile round trip, including interstate and in town driving, loaded and unloaded
Load: 10,000lb trailer
Horsepower/Torque Testing: Completed on a Mustang Dynamometer, in house


Stock Horsepower Results DPF On
Dyno Chart HP TQ Notes
  318.3 630.9 T/H Engaged
Stock Mileage Results DPF On
Unloaded Loaded T/H Engaged Notes
16.43 12.29 None
Horsepower Results TS MP8 DPF On
Dyno Chart HP TQ Notes
  344.7 697.6 MP8 50%
  371.9 752.2 MP8 100%
Mileage Results TS MP8 DPF On
Unloaded Loaded T/H Engaged Notes
15.80 MPG 10.8 MPG MP8 50%
19.05 MPG 11.2 MPG MP8 100%


The first product we tested on our 2011 Chevrolet Duramax was the TS MP-8. The MP-8 is designed to give the LML engine up to 100 extra horsepower. It achieves this by raising the fuel rail pressure of the engine. On the 2011 it connects under the hood to the fuel rail pressure sensor on the driver's side of the engine. The module comes with a infinitely adjustable knob that is used to control the amount of horsepower that the user needs, from 0 or stock to 100% which is 100 hp.

With everything on the Duramax's usually being in close quarters, it was nice to see that on the LML the fuel rail pressure sensor was easily accessible, making installation of this module a 5 minute process. Another update to the LML engine is that the Fuel Pressure Relief Valve (FPRV) no longer needs to be shimmed to accommodate the fuel pressure boxes like the MP-8. Stock operating pressure of the LML fuel system is now as high as 29,000 psi whereas the the previous versions of this engine normally operated at the 26,000 psi range in the upper regiment of their power demands. On previous engines this would normally cause a need for a race plug or a fuel rail “shim". Going into the test we were excited to see that our customers could have 100 horsepower in 5 minutes.

TS MP8 Likes

  • Horsepower upgrade in 5 minutes
  • Gained almost 3 MPG unloaded

TS MP8 Dislikes

  • Causes fuel knock at 100% when loaded.
  • Decreased fuel economy loaded.