Owner: Jake Warburton
Truck: 2006 Dodge Cummins 2500


Jake and his Cummins can be seen cruising around the small town of Milford, IA. You’ll usually find him on his way back to the farm after spending his day working as a drivetrain technician building front differentials. Jake has always had a passion for anything with wheels. Like many of us, his first pickup, a Chevy k1500, was a hand-me-down that had been in his family for years. We didn't ask for them, but I’m sure if we had he would have been able to produce plenty of pictures of that gem as well. It was in middle school that Jake narrowed his automotive passion, after his dad purchased a diesel, a 2003 Dodge Cummins. Jake was hooked, so much so that he even pursued and acquired a degree as a diesel technician from NWICC in north west IA. It was in 2013, however, that Jake was able to procure his current rig, which will be the feature of the remainder of this article.

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Custom Painted Headlights
Jake took inspiration from the “angry lights" that are popular on jeeps. He pulled his stock lights off and painted them himself.

Wheels and Tires
Several different combinations of wheels and tires have been on this rig. Currently it's sporting a set of Moto Metals 962 with a custom vinyl wrap from ECD customs. For shoes, Jake chose Atturo Trail Blades 33 x 12.50 R20. If you look close enough you’ll see that he also added color matched spike lug nuts.

Spiked Fender Flares
This is a pretty custom piece. Jake shopped around until he found a quality flare, painted it, and then added the spikes on to create a one of a kind fender flare.

Roll Pan
Paint matched and added to provide a smoother sleeker looking rear end.

Mesh style grille from E-auto Grill. You’ll also find the billet badge of the “mudflap girl" sitting pretty here as well.

Jake snagged a set of mirrors off of a 4th gen and color matched them. This is becoming a pretty popular mod and it's easier to accomplish than you would think.

Normally we would wait and mention the stack under the performance section, however, Jake put the finishing touch on the truck by color matching his stack as well.

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5" Turbo Back Exhaust
When Jake bought the truck it already came with this system on it and he isn't sure which brand it is. Not that it matter, as he has since converted it into a bed stack as mentioned above. (If you’d like to guess the brand click this shameless plug)

Cold Air Intake
Jake has a bit of a Frankenstein system here. He started out with a S&B Stage 2 Intake. He has sense replaced the filter with an off the shelf K&N filter, just out of convenience.

ARP 425 studs

EFI Live
After doing a lot of research Jake decided to go with custom EFI Live tunes from Anarchy Diesel Tuning.

Transmission/ Drivetrain
Dodge's are notorious for weak auto transmissions. To combat this Jake went with Goerend billet input and output shafts, and stage one internals for the transmission. On the torque converter side he decided to go with a Suncoast Triple Disc.

The last time the truck was dynoed it laid down a solid 487 HP and 1002 TQ. That was pre transmission build so it stands to reason that those will be higher now. Those are great numbers for a daily driver and they will only go up from there. Jake has big plans for the truck.

Future plans include: upgraded tunes, new CP3 pump(s), and a FASS fuel system, and new injector nozzles or injectors.

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1. Is your truck male or female & does it have a name?
A. It's cheesy as hell, but it's mostly known as Roxy. She's also loud and needs attention, so girl seems to fit best.

2. What is the one diesel event you never miss?
A. Scheid Diesel Extravaganza in Indiana

3. What is the one piece of advice to those just entering the diesel market?
A. Do your homework, spend hours on forums looking at questions you or other people have posted. You will learn so much, on things not to do, and things to do when you need help.

4. What is your favorite #dieseltips?
A. Tip #249 - Work hard, save money, and build your dream truck. Otherwise you'll spend your life riding shotgun with someone who did.

5. Favorite place to buy Diesel parts?
A. Thoroughbred! Honest answer (Jake if you’re reading, the endorsement check is in the mail)

6. Is there a mistake you made along the way you would like to warn people against?
A. It may seem fun to just get a tuner as the first thing you do and go have fun…. but you'll pay. SUPPORTING MODS ALWAYS GO FIRST!


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