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AirDog FRRP Lift Pump
AirDog FRRP Pump
AirDog logo AirDog FRRP Lift Pumps
Factory Replacement Raptor® Pump (FRRP)
Raptor® Dodge Factory Replacement Lift Pumps
1998.5, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L

FRRP Pump Mounts Directly to Your OE Dodge Bracket

FRRP 100 gph Pump
fits 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins

  • Direct Swap With Factory Lift Pump
  • 100 GPH - supports stock
  • Installs in Less Than 30 Minutes
  • Adjustable Pressure Regulator
  • Upgraded 1/2" Lines
  • Capable of Running Your Aftermarket Programmer
  • The warranty is 1 year standard and 4 year with a mailed in warranty card.
  • AirDog videos
The AirDog FRRP system for 1998.5-2002 Dodge Cummins VP44 trucks. It is the same great quality of our regular AirDog Raptor but mounts to the factory bracket on a 98.5-02 Dodge 5.9L for very quick and easy installation. It is a 100 gph pump that is capable of handling after market items as well without issue with a pressure regulator to adjust things accordingly. It is built to accept the factory style banjo fitting on the inlet side and an upgraded ½" output line is provided in the kit.
fits 98.5-02 Dodge Cummins
  • 150 GPH to support aftermarket programmers, injectors and injection pumps
  • Direct replacement with the factory lift pump
  • Quick and easy install
  • The Pureflow AirDog Dodge Cummins Lift Pump FRRP 150 is capable of flowing up to 150 gallons per hour.
  • AirDog Dodge Cummins Lift Pump FRRP-150 is preset at 15 to 17 psi.
  • Pureflow AirDog R3SBD150 Factory Raptor Replacement Pump FRRP 150 can be set at 3 to 35 PSI depending upon your needs.
  • With a built in fuel pressure regulator the AirDog Dodge FRRP 150 Cummins Lift Pump supplies the correct fuel pressure to your VP44 injection pump.
FRRP Pump Mounts Directly to Your OE Dodge Bracket
AirDog FAQ
What kits will require dropping the tank or installing a suction tube?
All AirDog® 150 & AirDog® II 200 Systems

Any truck that is equipped with an in tank fuel pump will require a suction tube or module upgrade kit.

What pump do I need for my truck?
AirDog® and AirDog® II 100 units are recommended for up to 500 horsepower.

AirDog® 150 and AirDog® II 165 units are recommended for horsepower up to 800.

AirDog® II 200 units are recommended for anything that exceeds 800 horsepower.

I daily drive my truck and it is only 300 horsepower. Will running an AirDog® 150 or AirDog® II 165 hurt anything?
No it will not hurt the pump. But it could cause you headaches down the road. Running way too much fuel to an injection pump that can't handle it can cause an increase in fuel pressure, which on some trucks could cause damage to that injection pump and possibly cause it to fail. Running a pump to fit your horsepower is suggested and will help keep you away from small potential issues.

What is the difference between the AirDog® 100 and AirDog® 150?
Physically there are not differences. The pumps are the exact same size. The AirDog® 100 motor is a 2000 r.p.m. motor and the AirDog® 150 motor is a 3000 r.p.m. motor. The differences between the two are as described. The AirDog® 100 is a 100 g.p.h. pump. The AirDog® 150 is a 150 g.p.h. pump. Depending on the application, the installation kits will differ as well.

I have a Ford truck that I have put a Cummins engine in. What kit do I need?
With all unique truck builds. It is possible to need a miscellaneous part or two. When picking one of our products to fit your truck. You will need to get the kit that fits the engine for what you are running. Example: 2005 Ford with a Cummins out of a 2001 Dodge. You will need a kit for a 2001 Dodge.

AirDog FRRP 100 Pump
AirDog FRRP 150 Pump w/ BIG LINE KIT
Product Description Price Order
Factory Replacement Raptor® Pump (FRRP)
1998.5, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L
100 GPH - supports stock
Part # R3SBD100
AirDog FRRP 150 Pump
150 GPH
Part # R3SBD150
AirDog FRRP + VP44 Pump + Fuel Filter Combo Package  << We offer the AirDog FRRP pump in a VP44 combo package! Click Here To Get Yours! >>
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