AirDog Raptor 4G Lift Pumps


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Product Details

Product Name: Raptor 4G Lift Pump
Manufacturer: AirDog

The Raptor 4G Lift Pump provides more fuel than stock for your all your performance needs! The Raptor 4G is the entry level fuel system that delivers performance on a budget. This pump is fully adjustable from 7 to 70psi. Prevent fuel starvation with the Raptor 4G!

  • Built-in adjustable diaphragm regulator
  • No return line needed
  • Flow rates of 100 and 150 gph
  • Easy installation

The new Raptor 4G takes design elements from the AirDog II-4G using the same 4 bearing motor assembly design with an intermediate shaft allowing for self-alignment of the gerotor resulting in lower amp loads on the motor. The outcome is an incredibly quiet and dependable fuel pump. The new Raptor 4G will feature a built in adjustable diaphragm style regulator, which allows for more consistent output pressures.

Raptor Lift Pump Installation Kit

Installation Kit Includes:

  • Relay Control Wiring Harness
  • Fuel Module Up-Grade (when required)
  • All Fuel Fittings Required
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 1/2" ID Fuel Line
  • Bracket & Spacer
  • Plastic Ties
  • Installation Manual


  • Looking for a lift pump to supply fuel to 671 turbo Detroit’s fuel will be pushed to mechanical pumps on motors. What is your suggestions?

    Russell | 4/5/2020

    What is the needed supply pressure for those pumps?  These Raptors can usually push up to 40 psi on some models,  but we do have class 8 offerings too.  Give us a call at 866 737 4966

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