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Titan Fuel Tanks without Titan Shield


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Product Name: Fuel Tanks without Titan Shield
Manufacturer: Titan Fuel Tank
Applications: Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, & GM Duramax

Titan Fuel Tanks are ideal for the man on the go, with know time to stop! Anyone who travels or pulls a payload knows that factory-equipped fuel tanks in diesel pickups limit range. End the headaches rolling on miles. Save time. Improve range. Cut fuel costs. Fill up when you want.

  • TITAN TANKS PROVIDE SECURITY in time of crises like Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Threats of Flooding; extra fuel can help get yourself and family to a place of safety.
  • TITAN TANKS LET YOU CHOOSE station to fill up, thus saving a significant money on each fill up.
  • TITAN TANKS SAVE TIME/LET YOU GET THERE FIRST - Fewer stops saves time and money. (This is really true if you have a service truck. Eliminating two to three time wasting stops at store/gas station a month the TITAN TANK will pay for itself in the first year.
  • TITAN TANKS GET YOU INTO THE BEST FISHING/HUNTING/OUTDOOR SPOTS AND BACK by having the extra fuel the avid outdoorsman can get into the deep back country/and out again, plus the advantage of having the extra reserve fuel for the emergencies that may occur.
Now Gen 5 TITAN Tanks come in a new, improved “Super Series” for selected applications. For most vehicles the “Super Series” tanks are larger than ever before, they fill more quickly and represent a new level in quality, features, and innovation.

A TITAN extra large capacity fuel tank may more than double the range of the original equipment tank. Now more than ever being 400 miles away from the nearest fuel station is no worry!

Titan Tanks Feature:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Built of Corrosion-Proof Heavy Duty Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Most Tanks Pay for Themselves within 2 Years
  • Works with Factory Fuel Gauges
  • Bio-Diesel Compatible
  • No Loss of Cargo Space
  • Adds Value to Your Truck
  • Easy to Install
Tank Capacity Comparison Stock Tank TITAN Tank Increased Gallons Additional Miles*
GMC/Chevy Extended Cab Short Bed 26 39 17 323
GMC/Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed Super Series Tank 26 52 26 494
GMC/Chevy Crew Cab and Extended Cab Long Bed 34 55 21 399
GMC/Chevy Crew Cab Long Bed Super Series Tank 34 62 28 532
GMC/Chevy Crew Cab Short Bed 2011+ 36 57 21 399
Ford Crew Cab Short Bed Super Series Tank 28 51 23 437
Ford Crew Cab and Extended Cab Long Bed 34 60 26 494
Ford Crew Cab Long Bed Super Series Tank 38 67 29 551
Dodge Quad Cab Long Bed 34 60 26 494
Dodge Mega Cab Short Bed 34 52 18 342
Dodge Crew Cab/Quad Cab Short Bed 34 56 22 418

*19 mpg estimated

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