Saving Diesel Lives and Saving You Money!

Titan Fuel Tanks

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Titan After-Axle Utility Tank
Titan After-Axle Utility Tank
$949.05 - $1,899.05
Titan XXL Mid-Ship Fuel Tank
Titan XXL Mid-Ship Fuel Tank
$1,215.05 - $2,003.55

TITAN Fuel Tanks utilize common sense design features, which simplify installation. They reuse most of the stock components, including the existing sending unit. The tank itself is nearly indestructible but light enough to be hefted by one or two people. While a vehicle hoist and transmission jack are ideal, hand tools will get the job done.

Strength of Titan Diesel Fuel Tanks
TITAN DIESEL FUEL TANKS are all made of, Cross-linked Polyethylene, by the same folks that make the DIESEL FUEL TANK for the Abram Battle Tank for the USA Department of Defense. The TITAN TANKS are considered to be up to twenty (20) times more durable than the original Factory Tanks.


  • Titan Tanks Provide Security in time of crises like Tornadoes, Hurricanes Threats of Flooding; extra fuel can help get yourself and family to a place of safety.
  • Titan Tanks Let You Choosestation to fill up, thus saving a significant money on each up.
  • Titan Tanks Save Time/Let You Get There First - Fewer stops saves time and money. (This is really true if you have a service truck. Eliminating two to three-time wasting stops at store/gas station a month the TITAN TANK will pay for itself in the first year.
  • Titan Tanks Get You Into The Best Fishing/Hunting/Outdoor Spots and Back by having the extra fuel the avid outdoorsman can get into the deep /and out again, plus the advantage of having the extra reserve fuel for the emergencies that may occur.

TITAN Extra Large Capacity Diesel Fuel Tanks 
Anyone who travels or pulls a payload knows that factory-equipped fuel tanks in diesel pickups limit range. End the headaches rolling on miles. Save time. Improve range. Cut fuel costs. Fill up when you want.

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Cross-Linked Polyethylene
  • Corrosion Proof
  • Works with Factory Fuel Gauges
  • More Useable Tank Capacity
  • Stock OEM Appearance
  • Bio-Diesel Compatible
  • No Loss of Cargo Space
  • Adds Value to Your Truck
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install

Installation and Warranty
All Titan Tanks are designed for ease of installation. Titan Tanks are able to use the existing, "Factory Sending Units," and Titan provides other parts including hoses and straps needed to complete the install. Most shops charge $250-$300 to install a Titan Fuel Tank.

Titan Diesel Fuel Tanks all come with the, "BEST WARRANTY," in the Replacement Tank business -the Tanks, are replaceable due to material and workmanship for up to Five (5) years/or 50,000 miles. Titan replaces the Titan Tank or any parts, but the client is responsible for shipping and labor costs. Titan does ask that the "WARRANTY FORM," with the Tank's Serial number be mailed in so we can keep track of our exposure within 60 days of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: How much more range will I get with a TITAN Fuel Tank?
A: A Titan Fuel Tank will just about double the range of most popular crew cab applications. For example, the stock tank on a GM Crew Cab Short Bed truck is 26 gallons; the Titan replacement tank is 52 gallons. A Ford Crew Cab Long Bed comes with a 34-gallon tank; the replacement TITAN Fuel Tank holds 67 gallons. For extended cab and other applications, you can expect at least a 65% to 90% increase in capacity and corresponding range.

Q: Will my fuel gauge be accurate?
A: Yes. Your analog fuel gauge will work the same with the TITAN Fuel Tank as it did with your original stock equipment tank.

Q: Will my Driver Information Center (DIC) computer work the same?
A: No. The DIC computer will not be accurate.

Q: Is there a way to fix the DIC computer?
A: Some independent companies are coming out with ways to reprogram the computer and match it to the larger tank. EFI Live ( can reprogram most GM products.

Q: Can I install a TITAN Fuel Tank on my gasoline-powered truck?
A: No. TITAN Fuel Tanks are only for diesel-fueled vehicles.

Q: How much does the tank weigh?
A: The short-bed tank models weigh an average of 45 pounds (without the bracket hardware). This means more capacity with less weight and easier installation.

Q: How difficult is installation?
A: We’ve made every effort to make installation as simple as possible. The TITAN Fuel Tank fits in place of your original tank. We include all the necessary parts and detailed instructions. Generally speaking, installation entails removing the stock tank, moving the sending unit to the new TITAN Tank, reattaching the fuel lines, and bolting in the new tank. Your TITAN dealer can help you with the installation.

Q: How long does installation take?
A: Between 2-4 hours depending on your expertise. We’ve seen TITAN Fuel Tanks installed in 45 minutes.

Q: Is the TITAN Fuel Tank as durable as the original stock equipment tank?
A: More durable and better warrantied. Most stock (or original equipment) tanks are relatively thin and made of materials like Linear Polyethylene. TITAN Fuel Tanks are made of High-Density Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLHDPE), which is bonded molecularly. Also, the nominal thickness of all TITAN Tanks is ¼ of an inch. TITAN Fuel Tanks are so tough that they are backed by a 5-year or 50,000-miles, limited warranty.

Q: Does the TITAN Fuel Tank hang down lower than the stock tank?
A: For most applications, the TITAN hangs about 1 to 2½ inches lower than the stock tank. Usually, the difference is negligible.

Q: Will my Titan tank compromise my smog test?
A: No, Titan Fuel Tanks do not alter the stock fuel delivery system. By not altering this system, Titan Fuel Tanks are approved for use without exemption by the California Air Resources Board. (CARB)

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