Chris Shearer | National Sales Manager
859-737-4966 ext. 260

[email protected]

Family over everything! That is my motto in life and I hope it is yours too! After that, helping people is the thing that I enjoy the most. When I started this role, my goal was to get out and meet as many people as possible and sell as many parts as possible. However, I quickly realized that helping shop owners achieve their goals or get wins was where the true joy in this job was for me. There is nothing that feels better than a part time shop calling and saying, “Hey Chris, I quit my job and I’m going full time next month.” The fact that I got to help someone pay their bills by doing something they love is a feeling I can’t get enough of.

Brandon Price | Inside Sales
859-737-4966 ext. 269

[email protected]

My name is Brandon, I also go by Boo, or “best inside sales rep ever.” I’ll also respond to most other names, just please don’t call me Chris. When I'm not slinging diesel parts at work you can find me in the field tending to cows or in the backyard playing with my girls! I started working at Thoroughbred Diesel in 2018 and got recruited over to the wholesale department January of 2022. Feel free to call me whenever you need help. My expertise is definitely in diesel parts, but if something else is on your mind we can attempt to tackle that too. I’ll end this on a serious note, I appreciate your business and look forward to working with you!

James Cleaver | Inside Sales
859-737-4966 ext. 241

[email protected]

Just a quick introduction. My name is James, but I go by JT. I taught Boo everything he knows, and I gave up on teaching Chris about a year ago.  Farming is and has always been my passion, but diesels are my hobby. My happy place is sitting in the stands at the National Farm Machinery show watching trucks and tractors pull on the indoor track. I started working for Thoroughbred Diesel in 2012. I was the longest running top salesman at TD and eventually I had so many return customers that they put me in charge of wholesale accounts and I’ve been doing this ever since.