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ATS GM Governor Solenoid Pressure Block Conversion Kit - 96-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins 47RE/48RE Automatic Transmissions - 3031002188

Thoroughbred Sku #: ATS3031002188
Manufacturer Sku #: 303-100-2188

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Add a ATS Governor Pressure Sensor/Switch(Transducer)?

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Add a BD Diesel Pressure Transducer Upgrade?

Product Details

Product Name: ATS GM Governor Solenoid Pressure Block Conversion Kit
Manufacturer: ATS
Manufacturer Part #: 3031002188
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: ATS3031002188
Fitment Notes: 1996-2007 5.9L Dodge Cummins 47RE/48RE Automatic Transmissions
Warranty Information: 1 Year/12,000 Mile Limited Warranty

GM conversion Governor Pressure Solenoid Block Conversion Kit, Dodge, 1996-2007, fits all 46-RE, 47-RE and 48-RE Dodge/Chrysler Gas and Diesel Transmissions. Replaces Mopar Factory P/N 4617210. Corrects codes P01756, P01763, P01762 and P01757. This is a precision cast aluminum pressure manifold block that completely replaces the original part. Dodge uses a very cheep, problematic solenoid that is modulated to emulate governor pressure. This assembly removes the small stock solenoid and cast housing and replaces it with an over sized GM Heavy Duty solenoid that has 6 times the force to accurately control the metering valve that creates governor pressure. Governor pressure is responsible for making the transmission to up shift, down shift and part throttle shifts. Common causes of a failing factory governor pressure solenoid are no up shifts, late up shifts, sticking in a gear, erratic shifting when cold and poor shift performance. In many cases a check engine light will come on indicating there is a transmission problem, often being caused be a failing governor pressure solenoid. This part can easily be changed by simply dropping the pan, removing the filter, removing 6 bolts and installing the new aluminum solenoid block and HD Solenoid.

  • NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
  • Improved Reliability
  • Enhanced Transmission Performance
  • Includes governor solenoid block gasket


  • Convert your Dodge 47RE/48RE Transmission to GM's Governor Solenoid
  • Handles line pressure more accurately than Dodges Solenoid
  • Replaces Mopar Factory P/N 4617210


  • Will this fit a 1996 dodge 1500 with a 5.2L with a 46re trans?

    Todd gordon | 12/28/2022


  • 2003 dodge 3500 Cummins with the automatic transmission. The truck has trouble shifting out of first if I’m casually driving. Once it’s past first, it shifts great. Also if you’re starting from a dead stop and get in the throttle hard it will shift with no issues. I’m curious if this governor pressure switch is my issue or if I’m needing something else. Thanks!

    Matt Calhoon | 9/13/2022

    The GPS could be the issue. but always check fluid condition and band adjustments.

  • Will this work on my 2005 dodge ram 3500 srw? Code p1756 governor mid pressure malfunction. Will not catch 3rd gear unless i let off throttle to 2000 rpm.

    William Franklin | 4/20/2022

    Yes, this item will work for your application.

  • Installed the ats gm governor on my 06 Cummins last year. A few weeks ago started holding first till 3k rpm or feather the throttle to get it to shift to second. Replaced the transducer yesterday and it did not fix the issue. Hesitant on buying another if these things will only last a year.

    Abe | 10/12/2021

    There could be another issue, may need to contact ATS for tech support.

  • Is the ATS Governor Pressure Sensor/Switch(Transducer) made of plastic like the OEM version

    Cris | 10/3/2021

    No. GM version is metal. Block is billet aluminum.

  • Installed the ats governor pressure solenoid in my 06 ram 2500 and it won’t shift out of first gear now? Faulty solenoid or did I miss an instruction?

    Christian gonzalez | 9/7/2021

    We recommend going back over the installation. Check the wiring harness. Did you change the transducer?   Also what issue were you having before replacing the GPS?

  • Where are you located at?How long to ship to zip code 58009?Why is it a price fixing issue?So many charge $171.00, as you are.But I found it, ATS 3031002188 at $99.99. With free delivery. How about selling it for $125.00 w/ free shipping and delivery by AUGUST 21?

    La Verne | 8/19/2021

    Item is on a 2 week lead at this time.

  • For my transmission to shift outa first gear I need to hold the gas about to 3k rpm Also shifts a little hard will this help my issue? Every other gear shifts fine

    Brady | 7/31/2021

    Not sure this will be a fix for your issue. typically this item will help the transmission line psi. which helps it to stay locked up.

  • I have a 2007 5.9 cummins the transmission is stuck in 3rd gear (Limp mode) would this part fix it?

    Orlando Sanchez | 6/1/2021

    Designed to eliminate shuttle shifting, not sure it would fix your issue.

  • What does it mean when a transmission starts shuttle shifting?

    Tyler Eggert | 12/31/2020

    It could be a solenoid issue. but I would check fluid for material etc.

  • Where can I find a gasket for this block?

    Chadwick Martin | 12/16/2020

    OE gasket will work.

  • 1.Does this conversion solenoid include the pressure transducer and gasket for the block ?2. How long would it take to reach my address in 27360 zip code area once you receive my order ?

    Brian Moore | 8/18/2020

    This is the governor pressure switch and block  only. UPS ground shows 2 days.

  • I have a 2006 Dodge 3500 Diesel with stock transmission will this work on my transmission or do i need to upgrade it ? Also is this something i can do or do i need to have a shop do it? I couldn't find a install video

    Ryan | 6/27/2020

    Yes , this will work on a stock transmission.

  • I have a 2001 2500 5.9 cummins and I have a shuttle shift and it hangs from 3rd to 4th. Would this upgrade be worth my time?

    Kevin Tucker | 6/26/2020

    Yes. it will help with line psi, which should help, if we do not have any further transmission issue.

  • Will this governor block work on a 2001 47re transmission with a v10 motor

    Robert English | 6/14/2020


  • I have an 05 Cummins auto, it has an ats towing valve body, do I need to upgrade the block and solenoid or did the valve body come with it and I just need a solenoid

    Jon | 10/31/2019

    If purchased in the last year, that valve body, would have the upgrade.

  • I'm interested in this - Solenoid Pressure Block Conversion Kit - 96-07 5.9L Dodge Cummins 47RE/48RE Automatic Transmissions - 3031002188, after watching a YouTube video of yours. My problem is I have the 6.7 turbo Cummins Diesel Engine. Is there a different part for the 6.7 or bot an option. (Not a mechanic so please nothing too technical)

    James Bertrand | 5/6/2019

    This solenoid is to correct issues in the 47/48 RE transmissions that are paired with the 5.9 Cummins.  There are plenty of upgrade options out there for your 68RE transmission, give us a call and we can help 866 737 4966

  • Does this come with a new gasket or would I have to purchase that separately?

    Steve | 4/20/2019

    You will have to purchase the gasket separately. 

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