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Home > TS Performance > TS Performance 6 Position Chip
TS chip sale for $170
This chip goes up to 140 HP

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TS 6 Position Chip

TS Performance Switchable Chip (6 Position) with Knob
Fits: 1995-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L
Install Instructions

Part # 1180401
  • Default Chip Settings:
  • Chip Setting Options, call 866-737-4966 to change:
    Stock, High-Idle, Anti-Theft, 50 HP, 75 HP, 100 HP, 140 HP, Valet
  • TS Chip combo packages available with intakes and exhaust systems!!

Get your TS Informant 6 new state of the art touch screen monitor that works perfectly with the TS 6 Position Chip!

install difficulty
1 Hour
1 Hour
Install Difficulty
difficulty bar
Plug in more power. The TS Performance Six Position Chip offers more power at the rear wheels than any other chip or downloader on the market. You can adjust between the 6 settings while driving by simply turning a knob mounted on the dash. No need to pull over and download a different setting while the competition passes you by. This product is commonly purchased with Diamond Eye exhaust kits.

S&B Intake
TS Chip
Fits: 94-03 Ford 7.3L

Part # SAB75-5027 or SAB75-5062
Part # TSP1180401

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Your Price: $469.00

4" MBRP T409 Exhaust
TS Chip
Fits: 99-03 Ford 7.3L
(does not fit Excursion)

Part # MBRS6200409 or MBRS6218409
Part # TSP1180401

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
$522.00 - $571.00

Package Deal

S&B Intake
TS Chip
Flo Pro 4" Turbo Back Exhaust
Fits: 94-97 Ford 7.3L Manual

Part # SAB75-5027
Part # FLO821
Part # TSP1180401MLE1

NOTE: This product CAN NOT ship to California due to CARB regulations.
Your Price: $768.00

TS Chip Features TS Chip Available Programs
  • All horse power settings are RWHP
  • Hardware and programmming are TS Performances’ design
  • In Cab adjustable
  • Easy Installation with detailed insructions included and expert tech support if needed
  • Stock
  • High-Idle
  • Anti-Theft
  • 50 HP
  • 75 HP
  • 100 HP
  • 140 HP
  • Valet
The TS chip comes with 6 position settings on the chip. The various program options are Anti Theft, Stock, High Idle, Valet, 50hp, 75hp, 100hp, 140+ Extreme. From those 9 options, 6 will be programmed onto your chip based upon the year, make, model and transmission type of your vehicle. If you have specific preferences for which options you would like, please include that information in the Comments section of the Order Form. Please note that Stock position must always be first!! For use with the 7.3L Powerstroke.
Chip FAQ's
  1. Does TS Performance offer a variety of chips? Yes we have chips available for both towing and racing. For towing we recommend either the ts 50hp or 75hp chip. We have the TS 100hp or the 140hp+ extreme for those that want lots of horsepower.
  2. Will I notice a difference in power? Yes, the power you feel will be immediate.
  3. Does the TS Performance chip make changes to an automatic transmission? Not only does the addition of the chip increase power and torque but it also firms up the shift points. Firmer shifting that will allow your truck to slip into gear not slam into gear.
  4. Are the TS Performance chips difficult to install? The four bank chip is easy and simple to install. It simply slides into your computer for a secure fit. No taping required. Our step by step instructions are sent out with your chip purchase.
  5. What information needs to be provided to TS Performance for a chip order? The year of your vehicle ( example early 99 or late 99). It is not necessary to provide a truck code.
  6. What are the advantages of installing a TS 4 bank chip over other brands?
    A) The TS 4-bank chip does not leave the 605 computer code in your PCM that can be detected.
    B) If your computer is reflashed by the dealer no need to worry. This chip operates off all four pages of the computer. Simply plug your chip back in and your power is there.
  7. Can I expect better fuel mileage with the TS Performance chip? With all the TS Performance horsepower chips in almost all cases a 2-4 mpg increase has been reported. This of course will depend on the user's driving habits.
  8. What type of performance gains will i receive with the TS Performance chip?
    A) TS Performance 50 hp - 50 to your rear wheels
    B) TS Performance 75 hp - 75 to your rear wheels
    C) TS Performance 100hp - 100hp to your rear wheels
    D) TS Performance 140hp+ extreme - over 140hp to your rear wheels
  9. What is the difference in the single position and 6 position TS chips?
    The single position cost less. The single position comes only with a 75HP setting. The six position comes with 6 positions up to 140HP. The single position does not come with a knob because there is only 1 level and nothing to switch to. The 6 position comes with a knob to switch positions. The single position is recommend for towing or fuel economy. The 6 position switchable chip is recommended for someone wanting fuel economy, towing, remote start, anti theft, and more flat out horsepower.
  10. How can I tell if my truck is a early 99 or late 99?
    Trucks built before 12/7/98 are considered early 99 and vehicle built after 12/7/ 98 are considered late 99.
TS chip and knob TS switchable chip knob
ts chip ts chip

Locating your PCM codes on 7.3L Powerstroke

pcm code location pcm code location
PCM code chart
Product Description Product Price Order
1995-2003 7.3L Powerstroke

(6 Position) Switchable Chip with Knob
Settings: Stock/High Idle/50HP/75HP/100HP/140HP
49 state legal TS Chip $170.00

free shipping special - no handling fees
1995-2003 7.3L Powerstroke

(6 Position) Switchable Chip with Knob
Settings: Stock/High Idle/50HP/75HP/100HP/140HP
California street legal TS Chip $170.00

free shipping special - no handling fees
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