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S&B oiled filter cold air intakes
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S&B Oiled Filter Air Intakes

S&B Cold Air Intakes
Oiled Filter

Thoroughbred Diesel now offers a complete line of S&B air filters and cold air intakes to our online store. Choose from diesel or gas applications. Put S&B's 30 years of filtration, cool air and power experience to work under your hood! S&B Cold Air Intakes bring your engine to life through the strength of superior design. Factory parts can't come close to the unreal airflow provided by an S&B Cold Air Intake—the secret to unlocking extra horsepower.

Among the many premium design features of an S&B Cold Air Intake is their custom air box. S&B's exclusive design keeps warm engine air out, shelters your filter and has a clear top—the industries first—to ease filter inspection.

Your S&B Cold Air Intake is complete with a premium S&B Air Filter for maximum airflow and engine protection. S&B filters are constructed of top-shelf cotton gauze in either 4 or 8 calibrated layers, providing optimal flow and filtration to your motor.

Grab your tools with complete confidence—S&B Cold Air Intakes fit as well as they perform. And, your S&B Cold Air Intake boasts a 1,000,000-mile warranty.

oiled cotton filter of dry disposable filter from S&B?
Should I purchase an S&B Intake with a
Dry Disposable or Oiled Cotton Filter?
Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to would you rather throw away the filter or clean it.
  • Always wanted a filter you could just throw away without sacrificing performance? S&B dry filter is for you!
  • Comparable Airflow to our Cotton Filters with the same Great Protection.
  • Last for 15,000 miles of highway driving. Extend the life of the filter using compressed air.
  • We also offer S&B dry filter cold air intakes
The S&B cold air intake designed for your vehicle is designed to be capable enough of bringing down the temperature of the air that enters your engine. The cooling effect is done to increase the power and performance of the internal-combustion engine. Cold air intake can significantly enhance the appearance of your vehicle's engine bay while creating an attractive intake noise. The S&B Cold Air Intake here in our 24-hour online store is available in various shades and sizes. Each cold air intake that we have in our online store provides an inexpensive way of boosting your vehicle's performance. Various styles of cold air intakes are included in our stock. Most of these are constructed from plastic, metal, rubber, or composite materials like carbon fiber and fiberglass. Such materials do not affect the intake's ability to deliver cool air. Some intakes contain heat shields for isolating the air filter from the rest of the engine components. Through such isolation, cooler air from the front or side of the engine bay is generated.

video installation - subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos
dyno tested at Thoroughbred Diesel

video installation - subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos
dyno tested at Thoroughbred Diesel
Key features of S&B Cold Air Intake Kits
  • Your S&B Cold Air Intake is backed by an outstanding 1,000,000-mile warranty
  • S&B Cold Air Intakes are made right here in the USA
  • Each S&B Cold Air Intake is CARB-approved and 50-state legal or pending approval
    Emissions-related parts for new model year vehicles may be in “pending" status for C.A.R.B. certification. Earning certification takes time, but will be complete before your new vehicle's first smog check.
  • S&B Cold Air Intakes also help balance air/fuel ratios that improve your gas mileage
  • Kit includes easy to use installation instructions and illustrations
  • With the included mounting hardware, an S&B Cold Air Intake replaces your stock tract in 30 minutes or less
  • S&B Cold Air Intakes feature a specially-crafted crosslink intake tube that minimizes restrictions in the line
  • All S&B air boxes feature an exclusive clear window top to ease inspection of your high-performance filter—and it's great for showing off
  • Exclusive to the S&B Cold Air Intake is a custom air box that keeps loose dirt and turbulent engine air out of your system
  • The included filter with your S&B Cold Air Intake is fully washable and reusable for life
  • All S&B Cold Air Intakes feature a premium, 4-layer cotton-gauze S&B Air Filter (8-layers for diesel) specifically matched to your vehicle type
  • Custom-made for your specific year, make and model vehicle
  • The S&B Cold Air Intake instantly adds free-breathing, free-wheeling horsepower gains that put lagging stock intakes to shame
  • Free shipping on any S&B cold air intake kit below at Thoroughbred Diesel. We can also get S&B applications for gas trucks. If you do not see the S&B product listed on ThoroughbredDiesel.com that you are looking for feel free to give us a call toll free at 866-737-4966 or email us at sales@thoroughbreddiesel.com.
S&B videos Check out our S&B install and informational video's
at Thoroughbred Diesel!
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Optional Accessories Quantity/Pic Order
Precision II Cleaning & Oiling Kit, Red Oil
Part # 88-0008
S&B Intake Replacement Filter
Cotton (Cleanable)

free shipping

Cotton - Cleanable
Filter Wrap $29.95-39.00

filter wraps
Optional S&B Intake Accessories
new precision II cleaning kit
Order Above!
S&B Precision II: Cleaning & Oil Kit
  • More oil. Enough to service most filters 3 times.
  • Re-engineered oil applicator. More precise. Easier to apply.
  • Significantly more cleaner. New finger friendly trigger applicator.
  • Reusable box. Keeps things neat & organized between cleanings.
  • It's the best way to service your filter yet.
  • FAQ's
    Q: Why is this kit more expensive than the previous?
    A: The Precision II has double the amount of oil and 63% more cleaner along with re-engineered components making the cleaning and re-oiling process much easier.
    Q: What makes it easier to use?
    A: The new kit has a trigger spray on the cleaner which makes applying a generous amount of cleaning solution extremely easy compared to the old finger pump version. With the older kit, the applicator had to be filled multiple times in order to apply the correct amount of oil to the filter. With the Precision II, the oil applicator can hold the total amount of oil that needs to be applied and the process of dispensing the oil on the filter is significantly faster.
    Q: Why did we develop the Precision II?
    A: Regardless of who made the filter, consumer research indicated that many were displeased with the process of servicing a filter.
Filter Wraps for S&B Intake Kits

S&B is pleased to announce that it is now offering Filter Wraps for the top moving cold air intake kits.

Simply find the filter wrap part # required for your intake by using the chart to the right. Call 866-737-4966 with any questions.

Order Above!
Filter wraps for your intake!
Filter Wraps for S&B Intake Kits
filter wrap application chart
S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Scoop for 03-09 Dodge Cummins S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Scoop for 03-12 Dodge Cummins 5.9L & 6.7L with Standard Bumper for S&B intakes.

Optional Scoop Kit
-Scoop pressurizes air filter housing w/ denser (cooler) air
-Close to 100% water separation with filter wrap
-Scoop easily removes for water crossings / snow plowing / etc.
-Simply choose the "Scoop Option" from the drop down box below
- more information
About the S&B Company
For more than 30 years S&B Filters has been making high performance air filters and breathers for vehicles and other custom applications. From its humble beginnings in a garage in Ontario, California, S&B has continually strived to design and manufacture the highest quality and most durable re-chargeable air filter in the industry.

Today, in an era of high CFM (cubic feet per minute) performance engines and air hungry diesel engines, S&B is taking the technology of filtration and restriction to all new levels. S&B filters are now tested to the international ISO 5011 standard. This standardized testing procedure produced exact and repeatable results. Because of this environmentally controlled laboratory, consumers receive performance certificates with their S&B filters. These certificates will precisely and accurately display test results on Restriction (flow), Efficiency (filtration) and Capacity (performance deterioration). Consumers now have the comfort of knowing when they use an S&B filter, whether it's a replacement filter or an entire Cold Air Intake Kit, their engine is protected while receiving the increased engine performance they need.

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