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BBI offers only complete injector sets for sale, nozzles are not offered separately. This is the only way to meet our quality standards. Injector assembly and disassembly without the appropriate frame conditions (clean room, special tools, measuring instruments) are a common source of error.

Some exemplary cases of damage: Leakage at the sealing point between injector body and nozzle: due to incorrect tightening parameters, caused by damage to the sealing surfaces; a Defective nozzle to injector: Contamination of components with particles.

Each of these faults can lead to leaks and subsequently to broken nozzle lock nuts or malfunctioning due to introduced particles. Apart from that already existing errors of the injector can be excluded only in this way, because the end customer would not find this.

In addition, BBI adjusts all required injector setting parameters to the nozzle used to get the best possible performance out of the nozzles. Note: This calibration has nothing to do with changing the complete injector body upgrade of the injectors, which is sold separately.

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