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Diesel Site Wicked Wheel 2 Billet Compressor Wheel - 92-00 Chevy 6.5L - WW65

Thoroughbred Sku #: DSTWW65
Manufacturer Sku #: WW65

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Product Details

Product Name: Diesel Site Wicked Wheel
Manufacturer: Diesel Site
Manufacturer Part #: WW65
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: DSTWW65
Fitment Notes: Diesel Site Wicked Wheel 2 Billet Compressor Wheel - 92-00 Chevy 6.5L - WW65

Note: This is for Stock Turbos

DO NOT USE AN IMPACT WRENCH TO CHANGE TURBO WHEELS! Impact wrenches cause stress fractures in the shaft that will cause failure either very soon or thousands of miles down the road. It's like a crack in your windshield that grows over time. Take your time and remove the turbo, hold onto the turbine shaft and remove the compressor wheel with an open end wrench.

While capable of high boost numbers with supporting mods these wheels are safe for stock turbo applications! We recommend that you continue using a wastegate in 1999-2003 models to avoid excessive boost. For maximum stock turbo life, do not exceed 32 lbs. of boost for extended periods of time.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some turbos have a standard right hand thread - meaning you turn the compressor wheel to the left to loosen. No need to torque the Wicked Wheel on. Simply snug the Wicked Wheel until it fully seats. It will self-tighten to full torque. The Wicked Wheel is balanced at the factory. Turbo balancing after installation is not necessary.

  • NOTE: Thoroughbred Diesel can not accept returns on this product once the plastic has been removed and/or the seal on the box has been broken. Please make sure you order the correct wheel and verify before opening the box.
  • Greatly improves throttle response
  • Increased Horsepower
  • Lower EGTs
  • Easy installation - no modifications needed
  • Increased boost


  • Does this wheel change how the turbo sounds at all?

    Jared | 6/25/2019

    This will produce a louder turbo noise from the truck for sure.

  • Do yous make a wicked wheel ,that's suits a 2007 ford ranger ,3ltr weat motor ,,turbo is a VJ 38.

    Stephen wilson | 7/25/2023

    Not at this time.

  • Does the turbo need to be dynamically rebalanced after install? I've heard no. But this goes against everything I've heard about Turbos.Thanks!

    Joshua Smale | 3/29/2023

    Not required.

  • I purchased a wicked wheel from you and I am having up pipes done on my truck (1997 OBS, 7.3 diesel) and was wondering since the turbo will already be out for that, what would an average cost be to have the wheel installed? The shop is charging me $500 to install the pipes and wants another $100 to install the wheel?Thanks, Mike

    Mike | 4/16/2020

    Most shops would charge, at least 1 hour shop time. To install the wicked wheel with the turbo off.

  • Could you design a wheel for a cummins isl 400 turbo? Sounds like a simple way to help performance.

    Paul Ober | 12/1/2019

    You would need to contact Diesel site. They are the manufacturer for the Wicked wheel.