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Volant Ram Air Scoop

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Product Details

Product Name: Ram Air Scoop
Manufacturer: Volant
Application: Dodge Cummins & GM Duramax


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Your Volant Ram Air Scoop is constructed from X-Link polyethylene—legendary for its ruggedness and resistance to heat transfer
  • Easy to install—hooks right into your Volant Cold Air Intake Kit, giving you extra energy when you hit highway cruising speeds
  • Volant's Ram Air Scoop is custom-made for a seamless fit in your year, make and model
  • Mounts to your front bumper to draw in colder, denser oxygen from outside your engine compartment
  • Maintain consistent horsepower, torque and fuel economy gains with the Volant Ram Air Scoop

If you want to further increase your Volant Cool Air Intake's effectiveness, add on the Volant Ram-Air Scoop. Customers using the Volant Cool Air Intake with the scoop report 2-4 MPG improvements in fuel economy, as well as dyno-proven horsepower and torque increases. Volant is the only air intake company to properly apply a functioning Ram-Air Scoop to a sealed air intake box. The scoops fit without any modifications and are formed to match each vehicle and attach to a high air-pressure point behind the bumper or near the vehicle's front valance to take in nothing but cold air.

The Volant Ram-Air Scoops are made from the same heavy-Duty polyethylene plastic as the intake systems and are simple to install and feature baffles &/or drain holes to prevent the injection of water into the intake. These Ram-Air Scoops are a great way to upgrade your existing intake system to add dramatic increases in performance as well as fuel economy!

It's a simple fact—colder, denser air combusts hotter and makes more power. Your Volant Ram Air Scoop pulls in chilled oxygen from outside your piping-hot engine compartment for blast of energy right when you need it. This Ram Air Scoop links to your Volant Cold Air Intake Kit for a double dose of horsepower, torque and fuel economy.

The Volant Ram Air Scoop feeds your motor fresh, cold air at high RPMs. Once you buildup some momentum, icy air rushes up through the Ram Air Scoop and into your engine. That way, your motor always gets a fresh supply of cold oxygen, and you always enjoy consistent energy gains. Plus, Volant builds your Ram Air Scoop from durable X-Link polyethylene, which does not conduct heat the way metal scoops do.

Never 1-size-fits-all, Volant's Ram Air Scoop is custom-made for your vehicle. This precision sizing ensures a seamless fit that requires only minimal time and effort to install. And, your Ram Air Scoop comes with a 1-year warranty.

Note: The Ram Air Scoop is designed to work exclusively with your Volant Cold Air Intake Kit, which is sold separately.


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