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Transfer Flow In-Bed Auxiliary Tanks


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Product Details

Product Name: In-Bed Auxiliary Tanks
Manufacturer: Transfer Flow
Application: Fits Most Diesels
  • Operates with Transfer Flow's patented TRAX-III®, TRAX-II®, or our MaxFlo-TFI operating system
  • Fuel transfers automatically from in-bed fuel tank to stock fuel tank
  • Available in 37, 50, 75 and 98 gallons
  • Gas and diesel systems available
  • Manufactured from aluminized steel or aluminum diamond plate
  • Baffled to reduce fuel sloshing
  • Won't interfere with standard fifth wheel hitch
  • Over 300 authorized installers in the US and Canada
  • Optional Campershell Fillneck Kit available
  • Optional Spray-on coating available
  • Proudly made in the USA!
  • Note: Please provide year, make, model, and bed length to notes on your order.

Transfer Flow in-bed auxiliary tanks offer maximum fuel capacity at an affordable price. Systems are available in several aluminized steel and diamond plate aluminum configurations for most Ford, Dodge, and GM pickups. Increase your pickups' fuel capacity and driving range with a "Made in the USA" in-bed auxiliary fuel tank systems from Transfer Flow! Transfer Flow in-bed auxiliary tanks are available in 37, 50, 75 and 98 gallons, and are available in sturdy aluminized steel and bright diamond plate. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are fully baffled to minimize sloshing and come complete with all necessary installation components and detailed instructions. With a patented and industry leading TRAX-II or MaxFlo-TFI operating system, the transfer process is entirely automatic and 100% worry free! Exclusive design features allow some tanks to be used in conjunction with other popular cargo accessories such as retractable truck bed covers, tonneau covers and camper shells. Let us "fuel your adventures" with a safe, legal and durable in-bed auxiliary fuel tank system from Transfer Flow!

Transfer Flow's in-bed fuel tank systems are available for diesel and gas pickups! The gas systems meet federal and California Air Resources Board emissions regulations. The in-bed tanks are baffled in three places and come with all components needed for installation.

37 Gallon Fuel Tank
Our 37 gallon in-bed fuel tank fits short and long bed pickups. It's designed to fit under Pace-Edwards and Truck Covers USA retractable bed covers. It's available in powdercoated black aluminized steel.

40 Gallon Fuel Tank
Auxiliary system is computer controlled by our TRAX 3 operating system. TRAX 3 systems come with a dash mounted LCD display. TRAX 3 LCD shows percentage of fuel in main and auxiliary tanks. Operating system transfers fuel automatically. Fuel tank is made from 14-gauge aluminized steel. Powder coated black for a durable finish. Fuel tank is baffled to reduce fuel slosh. Can fit under a tonneau bed cover.

50 Gallon Fuel Tank
The height of this tank allows it to fit under a tonneau cover. This tank fits short bed and long bed pickups, and is available in either 14 gauge aluminized steel, which is powder coated black, or bright aluminum diamond plate.

75 Gallon Tank
Our 75 gallon in-bed fuel tank fits short and long bed pickups. It's available in powdercoated black aluminized steel only.

98 Gallon Fuel Tank
Our 98 gallon fuel tank fits long bed pickups only, and is available in either 14 gauge aluminized steel, which is powder coated black, or bright aluminum diamond plate.

100 Gallon "Hauler" Fuel Tank
Our 100 gallon in-bed fuel tank is just what your long bed pickup needs for those long hauls! Made from bright aluminum diamond plate and mill finish aluminum. You’ll love the sleek new look of our patent pending design!


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