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Product Details

Product Name: Suncoast Ford Powerstroke Rebuild Kits
Manufacture: Suncoast
Fitment Notes: 2003-2010 Ford Powerstroke | 2011-2017 Ford Powerstroke

Available Suncoast 5R110 Rebuild Kits for your 2003-2010 Ford Powerstroke diesels.

  • Category I 6R140 ALTO G3 High Performance Rebuild Kit
  • Category II 6R140 ALTO G3 High Performance Rebuild Kit with Clutch Hub
  • Category III 6R140 ALTO G3 High Performance Rebuild Kit with Clutch Hub

Available Suncoast 6R140 Rebuild Kits for your 2011-2017 Ford Powerstroke diesels.

  • Category 0 350 HP SunCoast 5R110 Rebuild Kit
  • Category 1 450 HP SunCoast 5R110 Rebuild Kit
  • Category 2 500 HP SunCoast 5R110 Rebuild Kit
  • Category 3 600 HP SunCoast 5R110 Rebuild Kit
  • Category 4 700HP+ SunCoast 5R110 Rebuild Kit

Tales from the 5R110

The Torqshift 5-speed 5R110 transmission replaces the old faithful 4-speed 4R100 in the 2003 model year with the introduction of the new 6.0L diesel engine. The Torqshift design, in fact, has a total of six forward gears ratios, however only 5 are advertised. The "hidden gear" is only used in very cold weather. The 5 forward ratios are: 3.11, 2.22, 1.55, 1.00, and finally overdrive is .71. The Torqshift also utilizes an optional 4th gear, which is 1.10, that is used in cold start conditions to aid in engine and transmission warm up.

With the Torqshift, once the Tow / Haul mode is activated, it can help increase driver control when towing large loads up and down steep grades. It will also minimize shifts and maximize the available torque. Upon descent, the tow/haul feature utilizes engine braking to help extend the life of the transmission and improves driver control. The Torqshift was also Ford's first attempt at adaptive control.

The adaptive control shift function monitors the performance over its lifetime and adjusts shift times in real time to assure consistency and to compensate for wear. The Torqshift was also used with the 6.4L as well. This transmission was later replaced with the much larger and more robust 6R140 when the 6.7L Powerstroke was released by Ford.

The 6R140

The new Ford 6R140 Torqshift transmission is the most robust transmission Ford has yet to build. This unit was designed and manufactured exclusively by Ford Motor Company. First and foremost, Ford opted to incorporate a robust one-piece bell housing design for the all new 6R140 Torqshift transmission. This new one piece design is not only tough but adds a tremendous amount of rigidity to the case making torsional flex an afterthought. The transmission features a very deep first gear (great for towing and moving mountains) with double overdrive (excellent for fuel economy). This unit has a total of six forward gears with the ratios as follows: 1st gear 3.974:1, 2nd gear 2.318:1, 3rd gear 1.516:1, 4th gear 1.149:1, 5th gear 0.858:1, 6th gear 0.674:1.

For maximum efficiency, the patented Lepelletier geartrain reduces complexities that exist in connecting an automatic transmission's gear sets and clutches. Simply put, the 6R140 uses a simple gearset to drive a Ravigneaux gearset. So the transmission uses just five clutch sets to achieve six forward gears. The 6R140 is further strengthened by the utilization of a powder-metal carrier within the compound Ravigneaux planetary gearset (a double planetary gearset). The carrier is made up of four pressed components, which are sinter-brazed together to form a rigid, dense structure.

The new torque converter in the 6R140 features an exclusive long travel, ultra high capacity turbine damper designed to soften the extreme force produced by the new 6.7 L PowerStroke. Here at SunCoast we have already improved upon this converter, launching our own line of Torque converters including a variety of stall speeds.

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