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South Bend Starter Spacer

Thoroughbred Sku #: SBCSTARTERSPACER

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Product Details

Product Name: Starter Spacer
Manufacturer: South Bend Clutch

Need Help? Check Out Our South Bend Clutch FAQ/Trouble Shooting Section.

South Bend Clutch Performance Kit Descriptions

Shop for South Bend Clutch Starter Spacer for your diesel here at Thoroughbred Diesel. If you need any other South Bend replacement part such as bearings, forks input shaft, hydraulic assemblies and flywheels or rebuilds stop clicking and call us toll free at 866-737-4966 and we can get any South Bend part you may need.

Available options:

  • Works with Getrag Trans 89-93
  • Works with with NV4500 5 speed transmission

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