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Product Details

Product Name: Intake Elbows
Manufacturer: S&B
Application: Dodge, Ford, & Chevy

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  • Lowers EGT's
  • Pre-Tapped for Nitrous, Water Methanol or Propane injection stystems
  • Impacted rubber O-Ring for a perfect seal (NO GASKETS!)
  • Can be installed at home in minutes
  • Increased MPG
  • Allows cooler denser air into your motor

The smooth design of the S&B Intake Elbow significantly improves the airflow after the intercooler. The result is denser air delivering more power and better fuel economy.

The S&B Intake Elbow is ideal for towing, racing or just every day driving. In any diesel engine, your primary concern is keeping the air cool going into the motor. By installing the S&B intake elbow, you're allowing more constant cool air to pass into your motor resulting in better acceleration, increased MPG and best of all Cooler Exhaust Gas temperatures.

Installation is also made simple by S&B Performance, with a 4 bolt machined plate that matches up perfectly to the OEM intake. S&B has also taken the possibility of air leaks and pressure drops away by adding an impacted rubber O-Ring seal, capable of withstanding high temperatures.

But don't be fooled! S&B also had pure "Performance" in mind when developing these intake elbows from the start. They added 3 pre-drilled & tapped fittings for Nitrous, Propane or Water Methanol injection systems to be installed on your Ford Powerstroke or Cummins Turbo diesel with ease.


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