PPE Ford 6.0L EGR Cooler

Thoroughbred Sku #: PPEFORD60EGRCOOLER
Manufacturer Sku #: PPEFORD64EGRCOOLER

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Product Details

Product Name: Stock EGR Cooler
Manufacturer: PPE

It's an all too common failure of the 6.0L's...cracked and clogged EGR coolers. The factory finned design simply doesn't allow for proper exhaust flow which causes soot to deposit in the cooler. Now, due to the exhaust restriction from the clogged fins, the cooler overpressurizes itself and cracks along the seam, again, very common.

PPE has solved this problem with their CARB approved, stainless steel, SEAMLESS EGR Cooler! That's right, this unit features a seamless design built out of stainless steel, and upgrades to the more efficient tube design, as opposed to fins. This system is also a legitimate "kit" that features all of the necessary gaskets and hardware for a complete installation. If you are ready to upgrade your EGR cooler, look no further than the PPE EGR Cooler for your 6.0L.


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