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Power Hungry Hydra Chip - GREEN LED

Thoroughbred Sku #: PHPHYDRA-GREEN
Manufacturer Sku #: HYDRA-GREEN

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This part is NOT available to ship to the state of California.


The Hydra chip arrives blank so you can customize the positions to fit your specific needs. You will need access to a Windows based computer to be able to download your free tunes.


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Product Details

Product Name: Power Hungry Hydra Chip - GREEN LED
Manufacturer: Power Hungry
Manufacturer Part #: Hydra-Green
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: PHPHydra-Green
Fitment Notes: 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

Hydra Chip: The only 7.3L PCM chip that gives you full, absolute control

It’s not just a chip you’re purchasing… it’s a key to unlock world-class performance tuning. Every chip comes with FREE access to our entire library of calibrations for stock trucks. You choose what power levels you load onto your chip. Our easy to use HydraFlash software gives you full control.

Need custom tunes for your modifications? No problem. Choose from many Hydra tuners across the country. Everything is done through email, so you never have to send your chip off to be programmed.

The Hydra chip always has [00] bypass mode and [NS] no start built in. There are 15 more positions you can program from our database, custom tuner of your choice, or your own files you develop in Minotaur software. The choice is always yours.

Important information about calibrations

1994 to 1997 and early 1999 Power Stroke and International trucks are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the late 1999 and up Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to increases of about 65 HP for the 1994 to 1997 and 100 HP for the early 1999. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 80 HP and 120 HP respectively, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be achieved. Additionally, the use of specialty files such as Lope Idle or Smoke Show may not function correctly on 1994 to 1997 vehicles due to the restrictions in both injector volume and High Pressure Oil Pump capacity. Trucks with modified injectors are not subject to these restrictions.

1994-1997 trucks will have fewer calibration selections due to the power limitations of the factory stock injectors. Additionally, trucks with manual transmissions will have fewer calibration selections due to the programming changes that are made to shifting between tow and power calibrations.

All 7.3l psds will have a minimum of 15 calibrations available.

Due to the limitations of international vehicles, only 7-10 calibrations will be available.

Examples of calibrations available through HydraFlash software:
Stock or Modified Stock
Useful for emissions or diagnostic purposes
25hp Extremely Heavy Tow
12,500+ pounds
40hp Heavy Tow
10,000 -12,500 pounds
65hp Moderate Tow
7,500 - 10,000 pounds
80hp Light Tow
Up to 7,500 pounds
65hp Fuel Sippper
When the focus is strictly on fuel economy, early shifts to help keep RPMs low
40hp Daily Driver Good for all-around daily driving and economy
65hp Daily Driver
80hp Daily Driver
65hp Performance
A little more aggressive than a Daily Driver while still maintaining manageable smoke output
80hp Daily Driver
100hp Performance*
100hp Race* Play time! Offers a more aggressive fuel curve for improved low RPM response and top end power
120hp Race*
140hp Extreme* This is as big as it gets! (On stock injectors, anyway)
High Idle - 1,000rpm Ideal for PTO operation or for faster warm-ups.
We do not recommend exceeding 1,200rpm for safety reasons.
High Idle - 1,100rpm
High Idle - 1,200rpm
Anti-Theft Causes a "Dead Pedal" so vehicle will idle, but is not driveable
Whisper Mode™ Hit the drive-thru and place your order or do your banking without having to shut off your truck
Valet Mode 25 mph Lowers the speed limiter
Valet Mode 35 mph
Valet Mode 45 mph
Teen Driver™ 65mph Locks the speed limiter at 65mph
Teen Driver™ 75mph Locks the speed limiter at 75 mph

* Due to injector size limitations, stock 1994½ to 1997 trucks will only have calibrations available up to 80HP. Early 1999 can go up to 100HP.

‡ The 140X tune is not recommended on Late 2001 to 2003 vehicles with stock injectors because they have Powdered Metal Connecting Rods.

Note: This product is designed for the 1994½ to 2003 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel trucks. It will not work on earlier 7.3L IDI powered trucks, including the early 1994 "Turbo Diesel" IDI. If you have any questions about which engine you have, please contact Power Hungry Performance or your preferred dealer for more information.

Modifications that require custom calibrations

  • Modified Injectors (Stage 1, Stage 3, etc.)
  • Heavily Modified Transmissions (DieselSite Legendary Trans, John Wood, BTS, etc.)
  • Alternate fuels (veggie oil, waste oil, trans fluid)
  • Engine mods such as camshafts, compression changes, cylinder head modifications
  • Modified large single or twin turbos
  • Aggressive high-pressure oil systems (Gen-2, Pulse, twin pump, etc.) EXCEPT for Adrenaline, SRP, and Terminator T-500
  • Power Adders (Nitrous, Water/Meth, Propane)

Important Information About Calibrations:
1994½ to 1997 and early 1999 Power Stroke and International trucks are fitted with smaller volume injectors than the late 1999 and up Super Duty trucks, and as such are limited to increases of about 80 HP for the 1994½ to 1997 and 100 HP for the early 1999. Some trucks, depending on tolerances, may be able to utilize up to 80 HP and 120 HP respectively, but we cannot guarantee that the power gains will be achieved.


  • Hydra Chip package includes the chip, digital switch, ribbon cable, USB cable
  • 17 TOTAL POSITIONS including built-in Module Bypass (for diagnostics or emissions testing) and No-Start
  • Easy to read TWO DIGIT removable display switch that mounts on any flat surface for maximum convenience
  • Optional dash-mounted USB cable and bracket for permanent installation
  • Program/reprogram the chip using the optional USB extension cable and bracket
  • Supports most competitors calibrations
  • Fully compatible with PATS-equipped vehicles
  • Update and Reprogram ONLINE using our FREE HydraFlash software
  • Choose from our extensive library of standard calibrations
  • Program and Verify ONE or MORE positions with one click
  • Program calibrations in ANY POSITION(s) or leave ANY positions blank!
  • A single position takes less than 20 seconds to Program and Verify
  • Read the factory PCM calibration directly through the chip
  • Print out your own customized calibration list
  • Update chip online with new features as they become available

Made in America: Wherever possible, every part of the Hydra Chip is sourced in the United States. The boards and ribbon cables are made in Florida, the switch case comes from New York, the switch decal is made in Washington, the boxes come from California, and the whole thing is assembled in Georgia. There are individual components that are only available oversees, but we put tremendous effort and pride in finding all the US sources we possibly can. We believe in promoting American jobs for the strength of our country.

Hydra Chip™ Firmware Updates

Please use the following instructions to update the firmware on your Hydra Chip:

  • Connect the Hydra Chip to the USB port of the computer that will be used to update.
  • If the Hydra Chip is installed in the vehicle, make sure the key is in the OFF position.
  • Open HydraFlash.
  • Select the [Hydra Chip] menu option.
  • Select the [Update Device Firmware…] menu option.
  • Click [Browse] and paste the following link in the [Filename] box:
    (You may also download the firmware update and store it on your hard disk using the same link.)
  • Click the [Open] button.
  • Click the [Update] button to update the firmware.
  • Once the firmware is updated, disconnect the USB cable (when prompted) for 5 seconds, then reconnect.

At this point, your update will be complete.


  • does it come preloaded with tunes?

    Jason B | 7/6/2023

    No, the unit will arrive blank, you would go to Power Hungry Diesel’S to select the tunes that you want to load.

  • I have a 2002 stock 2002 excursion, runs great flat and level empty. Put any trailer on it and point the nose up 1% and it starts burning fuel and struggling. Just pulled 8K 1900 miles and cost $1100.00 in fuel. Tranny's constantly shifting up and down on hills. Will this tuner help? PS: But every once in awhile, not often, it pulls the hill no struggle?

    John | 6/22/2023

    The tuner will help. I would check fuel pressure and ICP pressure also.

  • Do you have to buy a cable to make this work, or does it come with a cable? I do NOT mean the separately purchased extension cable. In other words, if I bought a PHP, do you HAVE to buy the extension cable or does it come with a (smaller/stock) cable to begin with, in the box, OEM. thanks

    help, again | 6/13/2023

    No. The extension cable is optional, it allows you more flexibility for mounting the control unit.

  • does this come with a ribbon cable or do you have to purchase separately?

    help | 6/12/2023

    Extension cable? Is a separate purchase.

  • At some point I'd like to upgrade from the TS6 chip to the hydra. Will this unit throw a overboost code? Will the ATS boost fooler work with this? If not what do you recommend to keep the overboost code from appearing in higher boost situations.

    Max D. | 2/2/2022

    The hydra is a good upgrade to the ts 6 pos. you may get an over boost code. The ATS boost fooler will work.

  • so can you load any of the tunes shown for free? do i have to pay for any tunes?

    Tyler | 9/9/2020

    All tunes from power hungry ‘s library is free.

  • so other than the preloaded tunes, do you pay for the others? Or are the ones in your library free?

    Michael | 8/18/2020

    FREE access to Power Hungry's extensive library of calibrations.

  • Is it switch on the fly?

    Dustin Oudekerk | 7/8/2019

    Yes it will have 10 different tunes to choose from. It will have the display that will show what power level its on.

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