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Product Name: Loadleash Engine Brake
Manufacturer: Pacbrake

  • Performance - Doubles the supplemental braking power for unmatched load control
  • Safety - Increases vehicle control and reduces brake fade
  • Savings - Reduced foundation brake wear for 3x longer brake service intervals
  • Weight - Truly integrated engine brake solution with minimal weight increases (compared with traditional engine brake applications)
  • Packaging -Integrated engine brake with no increased valve cover heights
  • Noise Bylaws - Unlike traditional engine brakes which require expensive mufflers to dampen high noise levels, the LoadLeash is virtually silent

Tow with confidence, brake with authority with the Pacbrake loadleash engine brake. Quick, controlled braking for heavy duty Dodge trucks just got easier with the introduction of Pacbrake's new P-67 LoadLeash weeper engine brake. Working in conjunction with the OEM Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) exhaust brake in the 6.7L ISB Cummins diesel engine, the Pacbrake LoadLeash provides an additional 150 retarding horsepower, or roughly double what the VGT can supply alone.

In addition to enhanced control and reduced brake fade, the LoadLeash can extend brake life service intervals by up to 300%.

Pacbrake's LoadLeash offers straightforward bolt-in installation and is the only true engine brake available for the Class 3-5 truck market. LET PACBRAKE's NEW INTEGRATED LOADLEASH ENGINE BRAKE SHOW YOU WHAT REAL BRAKING IS ALL ABOUT!

Please ensure the vehicle meets all the prerequisites prior to ordering and installing the P-67 LoadLeash engine brake.

  • Electric/Hydraulic Mechanical Activation of Exhaust Valve
  • Provides a Pumping Loss on Compression Stroke and Exhaust Stroke
  • Works in Conjunction with Vehicle VGT or Exhaust Valve
Pacbrake's LoadLeash for Cummins 6.7L engines is a "weeper" or "bleeder" design engine brake, working in tandem with the VGT exhaust braking feature. It functions by the exhaust valves being held slightly off their seats during the complete engine cycle with the VGT providing back pressure and increased boost pressure.

Two braking strokes are achieved, plus, the expansion stroke is eliminated.

1. Standard braking stroke occurs during the normal exhaust stroke with the piston trying to push cylinder pressure past the open exhaust valve against the "closed" VGT.

2. The second braking stroke occurs during the compression stroke with the piston trying to push cylinder pressure past the open exhaust valve against the "closed" VGT.

- Normal expansion stroke after TDC is eliminated by the open exhaust valve.

Results are 50% more retarding horsepower than the VGT alone, as measured at the flywheel.

Pacbrake products are supported by our dynamic in-house engineering and development teams, and validated through stringent design and functionality testing programs.


  • Performance Dyno Testing
  • Endurance Dyno Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Vibration Testing
  • Field Testing

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