Oracle Lighting Universal Illuminated Led Letter Badges

Thoroughbred Sku #: ORLLEDLETER

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Product Details

Product Name: Oracle Lighting Universal Illuminated Led Letter Badges
Manufacturer: Oracle Lighting
Manufacturer Part #: ORLLEDLETER
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: ORLLEDLETER

Customize your vehicle with a vibrant new look with universal LED letter badges from ORACLE Lighting! These individual LED illuminated letters for cars are the perfect way to make your own marquee-style glowing vehicle badge. When turned on, the letters emit a soft edge-lit glow to make your custom badge stand out. Even when off, the sleek design of the letter housings gives a customized high-end appearance. The premium construction and overall styling deliver great value for an easy DIY illuminated badge. Simply choose the letters you need, and get ready to draw attention to your ride with a build-your-own glowing letter design!

The LED lighting has a low draw, less than 0.1 Amp per letter. The overall size is approximately 3.75" wide x 1.4" tall and 0.5" thick. Installation is easy with the VHB double-stick adhesive. Wire the letters to a 12V source such as parking lights, ignition fuse, or a separate toggle switch. Please note that a hole may be required to route the wire, and each vehicle's needs will be different. We recommend using our VHB Primer (ORACLE Part# 2082-504) to get the best bond with the mounting surface.

Available in Matte White or Matte Black Surface Finish

Interested in other options? View our amber LED letter badges instead!

- Voltage: 12V DC
- Draw: <0.1A (Each)
- Color: 5000K (White)
- Size: ~ 3.75in x 1.4in

Part Number Finish Letter
3140-A-001 Matte White A
3140-B-001 Matte White B
3140-C-001 Matte White C
3140-D-001 Matte White D
3140-E-001 Matte White E
3140-F-001 Matte White F
3140-G-001 Matte White G
3140-H-001 Matte White H
3140-I-001 Matte White I
3140-J-001 Matte White J
3140-K-001 Matte White K
3140-L-001 Matte White L
3140-M-001 Matte White M
3140-N-001 Matte White N
3140-O-001 Matte White O
3140-P-001 Matte White P
3140-Q-001 Matte White Q
3140-R-001 Matte White R
3140-S-001 Matte White S
3140-T-001 Matte White T
3140-U-001 Matte White U
3140-V-001 Matte White V
3140-W-001 Matte White W
3140-X-001 Matte White X
3140-Y-001 Matte White Y
3140-Z-001 Matte White Z
3141-A-001 Matte Black A
3141-B-001 Matte Black B
3141-C-001 Matte Black C
3141-D-001 Matte Black D
3141-E-001 Matte Black E
3141-F-001 Matte Black F
3141-G-001 Matte Black G
3141-H-001 Matte Black H
3141-I-001 Matte Black I
3141-J-001 Matte Black J
3141-K-001 Matte Black K
3141-L-001 Matte Black L
3141-M-001 Matte Black M
3141-N-001 Matte Black N
3141-O-001 Matte Black O
3141-P-001 Matte Black P
3141-Q-001 Matte Black Q
3141-R-001 Matte Black R
3141-S-001 Matte Black S
3141-T-001 Matte Black T
3141-U-001 Matte Black U
3141-V-001 Matte Black V
3141-W-001 Matte Black W
3141-X-001 Matte Black X
3141-Y-001 Matte Black Y
3141-Z-001 Matte Black Z


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