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DieselSite HIGH VOLUME Low Pressure Oil Pump - 94-03 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

Thoroughbred Sku #: DSTLPOP73
Manufacturer Sku #: LPOP73

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Product Details

Product Name: DieselSite HIGH VOLUME Low Pressure Oil Pump - 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L
Manufacturer: DieselSite
Manufacturer Part #: LPOP73
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: DSTLPOP73
Fitment Notes: 1994-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L

*The gears must be installed correctly! Inner gear marked "damper" or "out" side with the DEEPER RELIEF faces towards the balancer.  Failure to do so will cause catastrophic damage to the front cover.

DIESELSITE has developed a custom machined HIGH VOLUME Low Pressure Oil pump to fit the 1994-2003 Ford 7.3L PSD.  This high volume unit supplies more volume to handle the higher demands of larger high pressure oil pumps and also provides additional oil for twin turbo setups.  Most importantly, it will provide a better supply of lubricating oil to protect your engine with better lubrication and cooling to main bearings and piston oilers.


We set out to make not only a larger pump, but also a better build pump.  Each set of gears is custom cut and ground as a set and then final grounding to housing to achieve final clearance.  This ensures less wear and better efficiency.  DIESELSITE has seen other aftermarket replacement pumps be out of parallel from the back to the front surface of the pump as well as the mounting surface machined so poorly that they wobbled on a flat surface.  They rely on the gasket to seal (which is does), but that surface inconsistency allows the gears to move in an undesirable manner.  This could cause low oil pressure or in extreme cases cause scoring or damage to the timing cover.


Our new High Volume LPOP includes the new pump cover with dual viton seals, new pump cover to front engine cover gasket, and new oil pump gears designed to increase flow and pressure while reducing cavitation.

*NOTE: Do not attempt to use a different pump housing with our gears, they are not cross compatible.

Installation is straight forward requiring only a few basic tool as well as a fan removal tool and harmonic balancer puller (you can rent from local auto parts stores).  No other modifications must be made; this can be bolted onto any configuration from stock to highly modified engines.

Below is an example of a truck with normal miles for the year.  Exact number are NOT guaranteed but a comparable result should be expected.


  • Startup (65°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 40 PSI
  • High Idle (1100 RPM): 50 PSI
  • Warm (170°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 20 PSI
  • Cruising (2200 RPM): 40 PSI
  • Free Rev (3500 RPM): 52 PSI

HIGH VOLUME PUMP: Initial Install

  • Startup (65°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 52 PSI
  • High Idle (1100 RPM): 65 PSI
  • Warm (170°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 32 PSI
  • Cruising (2200 RPM): 55 PSI
  • Free Rev (3500 RPM): 70 PSI

HIGH VOLUME PUMP: (after 6000 Miles)

  • Startup (65°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 51 PSI
  • High Idle (1100 RPM): 62 PSI
  • Warm (170°)
  • Idle (680 RPM): 32 PSI
  • Cruising (2200 RPM): 55 PSI
  • Free Rev (3500 RPM): 68 PSI


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