ISSPRO R16000 Series Fuel Pressure Gauges

Thoroughbred Sku #: ISPR16000FUELPRESSURE

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Product Details

Product Name: R16000 Series Fuel Pressure Gauges
Manufacturer: ISSPRO

Enhanced Visibility 2 (EV2) by Isspro can match your OEM gauges from LED lighting, colors, also fonts. EV2 gauges include the items necessary for typical installation. Pyrometers include lead wire and thermocouple with weather pack connectors. Boost, pressure and temperature gauges include the sensors and wire harness to connect from the sensor to the gauge


  • Built with microprocessor-controlled stepper motor movements, LED back lighting, precision senders, and sweep 270 degrees.
  • Match OEM gauges with EV2 Gauges
  • EV2 gauges include items for installation


  • I know it says everything is included for a typical installation. However, Will I need anything else to connect this so it monitors fuel pressure between my airdog and vp44? Thanks!

    Toby Williams | 10/12/2019

    You can add this item: https://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/001-4a-1-0027/