Gen-Y Hitch Mega-Duty Class IV 10K Drop Hitch (2" Shank)


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Product Details

Product Name: Mega-Duty Class IV 10K Drop Hitch
Manufacturer: Gen Y Hitch
Fitment Notes: Universal

Patents protecting the GEN-Y Mega-Duty 10K adjustable drop hitch include #(s) USD697838S1, USD682751S1, USD683279S1, USD797008S1

The ultimate hitch for RVers, off-roaders or serious outdoorsmen.

  • Available in 2? Shank
  • Pintle and/or Dual Ball Hitch
  • Strongest adjustable drop hitch
  • Up to 10,000 lbs towing capacity
  • Most versatile hitch

The possibilities are endless with the GEN-Y dual-receiver hitch designed for RVers, off-roaders or serious outdoorsmen. Dual receivers results in options for multiple applications at the same time such as using one of the top positions for a bike rack or spare tire and the lower positions for towing a trailer. Other options would be to use a bike rack on top and tow bar on the bottom or having a spare tire rack in the top position and using a cargo carrier in the bottom position. Therefore, it is a great choice for any full-size vehicle or RV and can be used with any standard 2" ball mount, luggage rack, motorcycle carrier, cargo rack, etc.

Getting the job done faster and safer by adapting to any bumper style trailer on the market including pintle style couplings, the 10,000 lb. adjustable drop hitch is the desired choice for anyone needing to move different sizes and styles of trailers or needing to raise or lower motorcycle and/or scooter carriers. The desired height of the attachments is adjustable by simply pulling a pin and moving the ball mount to that position. This results in an extremely fast hook up while ensuring that the trailer is being towed as level as possible.

Ensuring that trailers are being towed level is especially important when towing trailers with torsion axels. See this for more information on the importance of a level trailer.


  • 2" Receiver
  • 10,000 LB Towing Capacity
  • 1,500 LB Tongue Weight
  • Drop/Raise Range: 5" to 22 1?2"
  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Sand Blasted and Coated with a Durable Silver-Vein Powder Coat
  • Compatible with All 2" Attachments
  • Call for Special Colors or Custom Sizes

All GEN-Y products are rigorously tested and exceed the SAE-J684 Weight Testing Requirements. Never exceed the recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch.

Lifetime Guarantee — Made in the USA


  • Hitch Only (2 Pins Included)
  • Versa-Ball, Hitch and 2 pins
  • Versa-Ball, Hitch, Pintle Lock, and 2 pins

Does Your Truck Have a Lift Kit
Got a lift, no problem! However, there are a few things to think about when towing with a lifted vehicle. First of all, a long drop hitch (12" or more) will put added leverage on the vehicle receiver. Therefore, in some cases, receiver hitch manufactures will reduce ratings by as much as 50%. Secondly, a long drop hitch will typically create a lot more movement due to the added length and drop of the ball mount. Using the Stabilizer Kit (GH-0100) will tie the bottom of the GEN-Y adjustable drop hitch into the frame of the truck which will take the stress off of the receiver as well as keeping the bottom of the ball mount to move, ensuring a safe towing experience.

Offset Drop Hitch
The offset drop hitch allows you to raise your hitch 2 1?2" and lower it 5" at the same time, giving more options for any dual-purpose jobs you may have. For example, pulling a car dolly and attaching a bike rack or using tow bars and a luggage rack at the same time.


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