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GDP Tuning EFI Live License

Thoroughbred Sku #: GDPLIC-FS2-VIN
Manufacturer Sku #: LIC-FS2-VIN

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Product Details

Product Name: EFI Live License
Manufacturer: GDP
Manufacturer Part #: LIC-FS2-VIN
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: GDPLIC-FS2-VIN
Fitment Notes: Universal

EFI Live License by GDP Tuning. Providing monitoring capabilities for vehicle parameters, this product is a must for those who want to get the most of the overall performance of their diesel truck. The GDP Tuning EFI Live License is specially designed to assist drivers in more efficient and economical driving techniques.

Flashscan V2/AutoCal VIN Licenses are required to tune additional vehicles per tuning model (GM or Cummins). Each VIN License allows you to tune one engine/transmission controller.


  • Have a autocal from GDPfor my lb7 . They unlocked it for me. I want to tune my lmm. Unit says only has space for one license. If I buy license will that update on the autocal? Or do I have to get with gdp to open this up to max tune licenses So I can purchase a license to tune my LMM

    Kevin | 4/18/2022

    You will need  to obtain your auth code

    and serial number from

    your EFI Live Autocal. This will allow you to add the license for new tunes.

  • Is this just a license or do you get the unit as well for this price?

    Harold Blauser | 8/4/2021

    This is just a license. 

  • Will this tuner program a new fob key for a 2013 3500 cummings. What i mean by program will it make my truck start.

    Tamisha Anderson | 9/25/2020

    No, this is just a license to use for EFI tuning.

  • is this just a plug and play with tunes already on it?

    Brandon Rivera | 9/20/2020

    This is just a license, for a EFI tune.

  • Will this work on a 2002 dodge ho vp44 motor?

    Don garner | 6/11/2020

    No. EFI not available for the 98.5-2002 dodge’s.

  • Do you have a recommended place to buy the tunes

    James Potts | 9/24/2019

    GDP tuning

  • Is this product already program with tunes for a 07 6.7 Cummins Or do you have to buy and download them separately

    James Potts | 9/24/2019

    No,this is just a license for an existing auto- cal. This allows you to add new tunes, to the device.

  • I have an Autocal already for my 2014 LML, can you write new tunes for it when I buy a 5 position switch?

    Bill | 9/14/2019

    No, you would need to contact GDP direct.

  • I have a stock 2003 5.9 cummins 2500 four-wheel drive or we hundred and $25 tuner give me a lot more torque and horsepower to pull trailers every day

    Steven Solomon | 9/10/2019

    This item is a license for EFI TUNING. EFI live tuning is not available for the 2003 dodge 5.9l.

  • Is this tuner able to to clear code?

    Cody | 8/27/2019 Yes, you will be able to clear codes.
  • what are the five various tunes available for the cummins 6.7 and how do they respectively affect performance. mine has the knob so i can adjust the tune on the fly (i think).

    mike | 4/30/2019

    It will depend on the year 6.7.  07.5-09 its 20,50,90,120 and 175.  10-12 it’s the same but highest HP is 150,  13-17 is only 4 positions,  all the same but the highest HP is 120.

  • I have a GMC C5500 - 2004 LB7 engine The unit is great for pulling my 40' fifth wheel The truck is rated for 19500#'s and trailer goes out @18500 gvwrPulling through the mountains seems to be a struggle for it Want some recommendations on a program that will give me a little boost in the heavy pull times and a better efficiency going down the road Injectors are stock and were replaced last year due to failure

    Ron Haefner | 4/30/2019

    Tuners such as these are always a great option.  The thing with EFI Live tuning such as this is that we have the ability to request tune changes that are specific to your vehicle and driving styles!