Fleece PowerFlo Lift Pump In-tank Pump Assembly - 05-09 Dodge Cummins

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Thoroughbred Sku #: FPE-34560


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Product Name: PowerFlo Lift Pump In-tank Pump Assembly
Manufacturer: Fleece Performance
Application: 2005-2009 Dodge Cummins

The PowerFLo Lift Pump is also backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

No more noisy lift pumps, cutting holes in your fuel tank, or quarter tank issues. Fleece drop-in lift pump allows for silent operation, utilizes the factory connections for an easy installation and its active fill bucket technology eliminates the need for a draw straw or tank sump.

The PowerFlo Lift Pump operates with two OEM quality gerotor pumps that have surpassed 12,000 hours of durability testing and together flow 170 GPH @ 15 psi, making the PowerFlo Lift Pump capable of supporting 800+ rwhp.


  • Regulated Return Flow Eliminates Over Pressure Situations
  • Utilizes Factory Quick Disconnects For Quick and Reliable Installation
  • Float and Level Sending Unit Properly Scaled For Accurate Fuel Level Readings
  • Active Fill Bucket Eliminates The Need For Tank Sumps or Draw Straws
  • In-Tank Installation Provides for Silent Operation


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4.5 out of 5
Powerflo 05 Dodge DIY

This is a very nice piece I just dropped my tank in my garage . Pulled old pump dropped in the Powerflo pump and button every thing up cycled key 3-4 times and it fired right up. One of the good points about the Powerflo unit is that if one of your pumps would happen to go out you have a second pump to get you home that’s my thoughts on this unit. When I took it on a test drive. The fuel pressures were 21 lbs at idle and 70 mph I had 20 lbs and with no heavy load to pull found a big hill and put it to the floor and had between 19-20 lbs and my truck is stock no power adders. I just wanted to replace my weak OEM pump. I think the price is high, but with the life time warranty and if they will stand behind it I guess the prices is worth it. Iam very happy with my Powerflo lift pump and it does do what Fleece say’s

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