FASS D-Max Flow Enhancer Fuel Pump


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Product Details

Product Name: D-Max Flow Enhancer Fuel Pump
Manufacturer: FASS
Fitment Notes: 2001-2014 GM Duramax

The D-Max Pump is modeled around our very successful DDRP Series, utilizing all the benefits associated with the DDRP and adapting them to the Duramax. The D-Max pump is intended for stock to moderately enhanced trucks with a flow rate of approximately 70gph at 10psi.

The Dura-Max Flow Enhancer is modeled around our very successful DDRP series and is now available for the GM Duramax. GM Duramax trucks do not have a stock lift pump which forces the injection pump to "pull" the fuel all the way from the tank, creating a vacuum and constantly introduces more air and vapor into your fuel. The Dura-Max Flow Enhancer creates a postive flow of fuel, "pushing" it to your injection pump, eliminating vacuum and drastically reducing air and vapor in your fuel.

DMAX Series Benefits:

  • Creates "Positive" Fuel Flow
  • Eliminates Suction for the Injection Pump
  • Drastically reduces Air/Vapor in the fuel caused by suction
  • Works in conjunction with the Stock Fuel Filter
  • Easier Start Ups
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Increased "Positive" Fuel Flow
  • Preset Pressure 8-10 PSI
  • FASS Silencing Technology
  • 4 Year Warranty on Pickup


  • I have a 2016 duramax that I just did the egr and dpf/def delete and am using the ez LYNK tuner that’s 0-180hp. I was wondering if the DMAX flow enhancer fuel pump will be good enough for the tuner I have. No more fuel mods have been and and won’t be in the future. Just need toKnow if it will help enough to be able to run the 180 tune. Thanks.

    Robert mclaughlin | 8/6/2020

    Yes, the flow will work.