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It is recommended to bar the engine over so that the keyway on the gear is at the 12-o'clock position when installing the fuel pump. This position can be found by taking the oil fill or fuel pump gear access cap off, whichever applies, and aligning the keyway in the fuel pump gear to the top dead center (TDC) position on the front cover. In this position the line on the fuel pump gear will approximately be in the 7-o'clock position. 
NOTE: Doing the above will help prevent the fuel pump key from falling into the gear housing if it is loose.
The keyed gear and shaft allow for the fuel injection pump to be installed in any position, as long as the markings on the front gear train align and a gear has not slipped.
Use an evaporative cleanser (e.g., brake cleaner, isopropyl alcohol) to clean the pump shaft and gear bore.
NOTE: The fuel injection pump shaft has to be rotated to align with the keyway in the gear.
Install the pump. Make sure the key does not fall into the gear housing. Take care not to damage the pump mounting o-ring.
NOTE: When installing the fuel pump, the dowel in the back of the gear housing has to line up with the hole in the pump mounting flange, as well as the keyway in the gear. 
NOTE: Barring the engine so the keyway is at the 12-o'clock position will aid in aligning the key into the keyway.
Hand-tighten the four mounting nuts.
24 mm
Install the pump driveshaft nut and spring washer
Torque Value: 30 n.m [22 ft-lb ]
NOTE: Do not overtighten; this is not the final torque.
15 mm
Tighten the fuel injection pump mounting nuts. 
Torque Value: 43 n.m [32 ft-lb ]
Install the injection pump support bracket. Finger-tighten all capscrews before final tightening.
Tighten the brackets in the following sequence:
  1. Bracket-to-fuel pump capscrews
  2. Brace-to-block capscrews
  3. Bracket-to-fuel pump brace capscrews.
10 mm
Tighten all capscrews on the support bracket.
Torque Value: 24 n.m [212 in-lb ]
22 mm
Tighten the pump driveshaft retaining nut.
Torque Value: 170 n.m [125 ft-lb ]
Install the crankcase breather. 
17 mm
Install the low-pressure fuel lines.
17 mm
Install the fuel Inlet.
17 mm
Install the fuel return lines.
19 mm
Install the high-pressure line at the fuel pump.
19 mm
Install a high-pressure line at the cylinder head.
Connect the 9-pin connector to the VP44 fuel pump.
Connect the battery cables, negative (-) cable last.
Vent all air from the fuel system, if needed.