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Product Details

Product Name: Exhaust Systems
Manufacturer: Diamond Eye
Application: Fits Most Diesels

There is a full line of exhaust options from Diamond Eye to fit most diesel pickups. These systems are available in 16 gauge aluminized steel, 409 stainless steel and 5" systems in aluminized steel. Finish your system off by adding a custom tip or add an Exhaust Guide or Aeroturbine to enhance the sound and performance of your system. On all Diamond Eye exhaust systems comes a stainless muffler.

Did you know by upgrading your exhaust system you will reduce EGT's and increase horsepower, and even increase fuel mileage by reducing backflow restrictions? Diamond Eye Performance Diesel Exhaust System is just the thing you need to add good looks, increase performance and lower EGTs. This exhaust system starts at the turbo discharge. The tubing is mandrel bent which increases performance and keeps the turbo system cooler.

Conventional exhaust systems provided by auto manufacturers are a compromise between cost and volume level. Back pressure in the pipe tends to reduce the power of the engine. Ever since the 1950s, hot rodders have developed exhaust systems that are more efficient than the stock equipment that came with the car. The goal of Diamond Eye is to create a free-flowing pipe to extract exhaust gases that minimize horsepower reductions. Simply put -- Bigger pipes work better! Most diesel pickup's stock exhaust systems range from 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter, which is much less efficient than Diamond Eye's 4-inch and 5-inch diameter pipes.

Diamond Eye Manufacturing uses high tech, sophisticated tools to manufacture their exhaust systems. The company uses a robotic welding machine that can weld 80 flanges to a piece of exhaust pipe in one hour, a task that used to take all day. The Aluminized systems exhaust tubing is made of 16-gauge aluminized steel, which is less expensive than the 304 stainless steel used in some high-end exhaust systems. But its pipes are mandrel bent, which means that they maintain their diameter in a bend, instead of collapsing to a smaller diameter, which would restrict exhaust flow. Diamond Eye also sells 409 Stainless Steel systems for those that want fully stainless pipes.

Diamond Eye exhaust systems come in a kit that includes the necessary clamps, hangers and brackets that are prearranged for easy installation. Diamond Eye exhaust systems can be installed in a little over an hour.

ALL Diamond Eye mufflers are stainless
(even in Aluminized Series)


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