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Quadzilla EGT Probe w/Weather Connector Plug - Universal - CCS015084B

Thoroughbred Sku #: QDZCCS015084B
Manufacturer Sku #: CCS015084B

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Product Name: Quadzilla EGT Probe w/Weather Connector Plug
Manufacturer: Quadzilla
Manufacturer Part #: CCS015084B
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: QDZCCS015084B
Fitment Notes: Quadzilla EGT Probe w/Weather Connector Plug - Universal - CCS015084B

EGT Probe With Weather Connector Plug
Fits: Universal

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  • I am getting and EGT warning on my edge power charger I just put a brand new motor and it’s been running fine but the latest thing I did I put in a new tip on the exhaust I cut the old one off and I had a holes in it do I need to have a tip with holes it I put a 8 tip on Without holes and air holes whatever they are or should I just buy this new sensor and try them

    Tommy Flanagan | 5/20/2019

    The tip would not make a egt sensor go off.  You may want to verify your EGT reading with another gauge perhaps.  If you weren’t getting warning before,  check your temp threshold and make sure that it didn’t change while you had it off the truck rebuilding.  Also the EGT probe possible could be touching the bottom of the manifold,  your there may be something going on with the engine.