Pacbrake InLine Mount PRXB Exahust Brake - 94-98 Dodge Cummins (Manual)

Thoroughbred Sku #: PACC44060
Manufacturer Sku #: C44060


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Product Name: Pacbrake InLine Mount PRXB Exhaust Brake
Manufacturer: Pacbrake
Manufacture Part #: C44060
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: PACC44060
Fitment Notes: Pacbrake InLine Mount PRXB Exhaust Brake - 94-98 Dodge Cummins (Manual)

1994-1998 (MANUAL) Cummins 5.9L 6BT 12 Valve Engine

InLineMount 4" PRXB High Performance Exhaust Brake Kit (Air Actuated). Comes with Air Tank, Hose & Accessories. If the factory cast elbow has been removed a mounting group must be added.

A PRXB is a Pressure Regulated Exhaust Brake that offers the highest retarding power for the lowest price available. Although the PRXB's retarding power is comparable to that of a compression release engine brake, the manufacturing and installation costs are significantly less.

Conventional exhaust brakes experience a reduced exhaust backpressure at low engine speeds, resulting in an unnecessary loss of braking power. Pacbrake's innovative PRXB addresses this issue with a patented wastegate design that regulates exhaust backpressure as engine speed changes. The valve maintains near constant engine backpressure throughout the entire RPM range, providing maximum exhaust braking power at all times.

Controlled by a master ON/OFF switch, Pacbrake's exhaust brakes provide whisper quiet supplemental braking that allows service brakes to be used much less, ultimately saving money. They have the ability to be left on all the time, making it ideal for in-city driving or for steep, downhill grades. This product pays for itself as less wear on the brake pads means fewer brake jobs.

InLine Mount Note:
For vehicle's in which the factory HX / HY35 turbo charger has been changed to an aftermarket turbo charger, use only an inline kit. A mounting group must also be purchased with the kit.
Exhaust Size: 4" - C11400, 3.5" - C11420, 3" - C11440

Kit Contents
Every PRXB Automotive Kit comes with a everything required for a complete installation:
  • PRXB Exhaust Brake
  • Controller (when required for application)
  • AMP Onboard Air Kit, which includes (HP325 Series Compressor, 1/2 Gal Air Tank, 25ft Coiled Air Hose, Air Accessories & Fittings Kit)


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