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BD Diesel Ford Accumulator Kit

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Product Name: Ford Accumulator Kit
Manufacturer: BD Diesel
Application: 1995-2003 Ford Powerstroke E4OD/4R100


  • Accumulator Body lapped to ensure the sealing surface is flat.
  • Re-Sized Switch Valve Bores prevents valves from sticking, which has become a common complaint.
  • Steel Line Mod Valve with O Ring replaces stock Aluminum Valve
  • Valve Size Increased which provides faster oil delivery to the Clutch Plates
  • Increased Accumulator Springs from one to three, with different rate and length to provide firmer shifts under load with NO harsh shifts at low speed.

Ford Automatic Transmissions 1989 through 2002 BD's exchange Accumulator Kit can be installed in the stock transmission. It will improve the life of your transmission by reducing the time that it takes to shift from one gear to the next. A long delayed shift may be smooth but it drags the clutches which causes heat and premature clutch wear. The rate and the volume of the apply oil is modified with the components included in our exchange accumulators. The bodies mating surfaces are lapped to prevent any cross leaks.
A new pan gasket and filter is included to make this a smart and clean transmission upgrade. Designed for E4Od and 4R100 transmissions that are driven by Diesel engines.

** Quicker Shifts Reduce Heat and results in less Clutch Wear*


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