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BD Diesel Top Speed Eliminator


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Product Name: Top Speed Eliminator
Manufacturer: BD Diesel
Application: 2000.5-2005 Dodge Cummins

When you need to get there quickly these boxes will remove the top speed limit and open up the full power potential of your truck. Easy under hood installation. If the factory 95mph speed limit not fast enough for you? How about 130mph+!!! Sounds great doesn`t it, all this new power and the top end MPH too. Easy under hood installation makes everything a breeze. Just be sure to have those Z rated tires handy.

This system overrides the torque management system that limits a high rate of vehicle performance. Eliminates the reduction of power that happens between first and second gear. A toggle switch is included for you to select street or race mode. Open up the top speed limiter control, but make sure your tires are z-rated. Signal modifications do not set error codes and it's easy to install!


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