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Product Name: Transmissions
Manufacturer: BD Diesel
Application: Fits Most Diesels

BD specializes in Ford, Dodge and GM truck transmissions. No stock rebuilds in this department. Every transmission is redesigned to handle double the amount of factory torque. Complete exchange towing or race transmissions are now available at Thoroughbred Diesel.

The stock transmission and torque converter were designed to handle the output of the stock engine, and not much more. Increase the durability of your drivetrain with a BD transmission and torque converter. BD's transmissions incorporate revised oil circuits, extra clutches, thrust washers replaced with ball bearings and stronger internals to handle up to 300% more power and torque than the stock transmission.

All of BD's Dodge, Ford and Chevy Performance Transmissions come with a heavy duty transmission pan as well as most Dodge's come packaged with the PressureLoc. Now, the 1994-2007 5.9L Dodge and 1990-2003 7.3L Fords come packaged with BD's Auxiliary Remote Transmission Filter Kit for added protection.

BD transmissions come standard with a 1-year warranty and an optional 3-year warranty is available on most Dodge and Ford transmissions. Warranty covers parts, labor and freight unlike others that only take care of the replacement transmission. You must have a BD torque Converter with a bd transmission to obtain a warranty.

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