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Banks Technicooler Intercooler

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Product Details

Product Name: Intercooler
Manufacturer: Banks Power

Kick that skinny, overworked factory intercooler to the curb and let your diesel run wild. The Banks Technicooler System cools and compresses incoming air—boosting power by up to 60 horsepower, and torque by up to 140 ft/lbs.

The Techni-Cooler boasts a 25% larger core surface to optimize heat transfer, bigger is better. And, the extra-large end-tanks blast oxygen density by up to 10%. All this cool, dense air delivers proper combustion and gnarly power gains—without raising EGTs.

To make the most of your other performance mods, the Techni-Cooler's a must. Performance tuners can't amplify airflow, which leads to backdown—less power and high EGTs. With Banks doing the breathing, your tuner delivers 100% of its advertised power and EGTs stay in the safety zone.

The all-aluminum Techni-Cooler is a direct replacement for your OEM intercooler, and Banks includes everything needed to install the kit in your specific rig. What's more, your Banks Techni-Cooler is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Everything about Banks Techni-Cooler Intercooler system is bigger!!

Techni-Cooler dramatically increases the cooling capacity by balancing the richer fuel mixture with greater airflow and cooler, denser air. Denser air has more oxygen, which improves& combustion as well as engine efficiency. Result: Higher continuous power and more power at any exhaust gas temp (EGT)better fuel economy and lower EGTs. That's a truckload of benefits! Banks Techni-Cooler delivers the maximum reduction in boost air temperature with a minimal loss of boost pressure. It doesn't get any cooler than Techni-Cooler! Mounting hardware included.

Features & Benefits:
  • Techni-Cooler provides two durable, all-aluminum end tanks, which will never melt or burst under high-boost conditions (Stock has one plastic end tank)
  • Large, streamlined end tanks optimize airflow and air density
  • With a thicker core than stock, Banks Techni-Cooler sports a 25% increase in volume. Very cool!
  • Techni-Cooler improves cooling for higher continuous power and lower exhaust gas temps
  • Banks' denser air charge improves the combustion process, resulting in greater engine efficiency and better fuel economy


  • The description does not mention the pipes, etc for a complete installation, are these included? If not what is (are) the part number(s) for a complete install. Thanks

    Mike | 4/22/2019

    This intercooler is designed to work with your stock intercooler piping, everything you need to install comes with the intercooler.