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Product Details

Product Name: Ram Air Intake System
Manufacturer: Banks Power

The Banks Ram-Air Intake System delivers exceptional airflow and air density. Its large cotton gauze air filter requires fewer cleanings than competitive filters (stock's small paper filter is not reusable). With its giant 7-1/8" outlet, streamlined components and enclosed cold-air box that keeps hot engine air out of the intake, the Ram-Air flows up to 57% better than stock and up to 23% better than competitors. In addition to greater power, you'll enjoy improved fuel economy, lower exhaust gas temps and reduced black smoke. (An indicator of unburned fuel, black smoke is power you can see but not use!)

And Banks' unique 4-1/2" bellows accommodates engine movement, which prevents component damage and prolongs service life. Designed to not cause fault or error codes; lifetime warranty on filter element.

Available in Oiled Filter or Dry Filter options

The Banks Ram-Air Intake System is engineered for long-lasting performance, tough-as-nails durability and factory reliability. For example, our design includes bellows, which allows for engine movement, protecting the turbo and promoting longevity

The stock air intake system is highly restrictive. The cramped outlet has tight bends, the filter design is inefficient with minimal filtering area, and the air that it does draw in is warmer and less dense. The Banks Ram-Air Intake System is "clean-sheet" engineered to minimize restriction, maximize flow and filter area, and draw cooler, denser air from outside the engine compartment.

  • Flows up to: 57% more than stock, 23% more than competition
  • Greater power, better fuel economy & lower exhaust gas temps
  • Designed not to cause fault or error codes
  • Streamlined components
  • 7-1/8" outlet
  • Lifetime warranty on filter element
  • Enclosed cold air box to keep hot engine air out of the intake
  • Unique 4-1/2" bellows accommodates engine movement, which helps to prevent component damage and prolong service life
  • Designed to keep out hot, power-robbing engine air
  • Inhales cooler outside air for more power & MPG
  • Aerodynamic filter: greater airflow with less pressure drop
  • Giant filter housing optimizes airflow
  • Easy filter access for monitoring & cleaning
  • Reduces exhaust gas temperatures
  • Helps engine run cooler & cleaner
  • Accommodates engine movement
  • Prevents component damage
  • Extends service life
  • Reusable cotton gauze filter needs less cleaning than competition
  • Dry Synthetic Filter Media
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Also available is the optional add on ram super scoop


  • What would be an average cost to install the banks monster ram intake system

    Mike Stapleton | 11/23/2023

    The install is typically a 1 hr shop time rate.

  • I have cold air intake banks system . I need the rubber bellows part# 94300 . Can I buy just this bellows can find part?

    Jason Wickline | 4/17/2021

    You would need to contact us on this purchase.

  • Do I Want An Oiled Or Dry Cold Air Intake System?

    Eric Schumann | 5/16/2019

    When you think about cold air intakes, there are two main components to consider. First is air filtration. When comparing oiled filters to dry filters the oiled will always filter out more particulate than the dry filter will. The added oil allows the cotton fibers in the filter element to trap more particulate matter as the air passes through it. The downfall is that in dusty environments the oil filters tend to get dirty quicker than the dry filter will.

    The second component to consider on a cold air intake is performance, or how much air flow it allows. From the tests that we have seen, there is no difference in air flow between an oiled filter or a dry filter, if they are both clean. However, as we stated before the oiled filter will catch more particulate and become dirty quicker than the dry filter will. As a filter becomes dirtier, its performance decreases due to excess particulate matter restricting the air flow. Therefore, a dry filter will provide more performance over a longer period of time than an oiled filter will.

    For daily driven trucks we recommend oiled filters, unless the truck is driven in an extremely dusty environment. We feel that the extra filtration power added by the oil is worth sacrificing the 1 or 2 extra horsepower you might get from using a dry filter.