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Product Details

Product Name: Transmissions
Manufacturer: ATS
Application: Fits Most Diesels


  • ATS formulated clutch material, bonded in-house to our CNC laser cut clutch steels
  • Proprietary valve body componants
  • Torrington bearing contruction
  • Optional billet transmission shafts
  • Industry best 5 year 500,000 mile warranty

From drag racing, sled pulling, and towing your camper to your favorite destination, the ATS built transmission for Ford, Dodge Diesel, Dodge HEMI, GM, and Jeep HEMI will help you reach your destination.

When you are looking for a transmission to replace your worn out one, there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from. But when you are looking for a transmission that is not going to leave you and your family stranded on the side of the road and want to have a trouble-free experience, then there is only one choice. With industry leading innovation, invention, and manufacturing techniques, ATS transmissions are built to outlast, out-perform, and overcome the competition.

All ATS transmissions are designed to handle extreme power and heavy loads, and then dyno tested to ensure reliable functionality and high performance. ATS has a long history of working directly with you racers, pullers and long-haulers to develop transmissions and components that work equally well for daily use and extreme applications.

Our engineers also analyzed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) transmission problems caused by high mileage and component failure, looking for ways to ensure longevity. This approach helped us develop the strongest, most reliable transmissions available for your diesel truck. ATS transmissions eliminate the factory weaknesses and design flaws, replacing them with engineering that works. We're so confident of that, all ATS transmissions are backed by the only 5-year, 500,000 mile warranty in the industry.

All rebuilt ATS high performance transmissions include the following features:

  • Our fully remanufactured, dyno tested ATS High Performance Valve Body
  • High Volume Pump
  • Heavy Duty Gear Train
  • Extreme Duty Clutch Pack
  • Other proprietary internal components
  • Deep transmission pan
  • High stress areas of case are reinforced
  • Critical bolt and thread holes are inserted
  • Valve Body surface is machined flat
  • Redesigned and calibrated hydraulic system
  • External surface of case is sealed


  • What kind of atf do you recommend for the 47re trans in a 97 2500 Cummins

    Connor whiting | 2/6/2020

    ATF 4

  • I'm planning on sending my motor into a shop and having them tune it to atleast 750hp and I was wondering if your transmission could handle that much power?

    Chase Warden | 9/14/2019

    We do sell ATS trans builds to support very high HP levels.

  • How many gears, what, 5 or 6 speed?

    Bart Nielsen | 7/25/2019

    Depends on the year, make , model of your truck.