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ATS Billet Flex Plate

Thoroughbred Sku #: ATSFLEXPLATE

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Product Details

Product Name: Billet Flex Plate
Manufacturer: ATS

ATS offers this Billet Flexplate upgrade option for Ford, GM, and Dodge Diesels. As horsepower and pulling weights increase, wear and tear also increases. For trucks with upgraded power or trucks that pull very heavy loads, this is the perfect add on to a high performance transmission package.

All ATS flex plates come with an SFI Certification.

Billet Flex plates that will stand up to the abuse

SFI approved billet flexplates from ATS will hold up under the most extreme conditions

ATS billet flex plates are SFI approved, meaning that they stand up to the toughest race application standards. These ATS billet flex plates are crafted out of strong billet aluminum allowing your transmission to shift faster and harder with out running the risk of breaking the flexplate. The added strain of racing your high horsepower truck is put directly onto the flexplate, giving it much more pressure than the factory settings ever intended. The added strength allows this high-stress situation to be overcome, and transfer all those ponies to the wheels.

ATS Billet Flexplates Features:

  • Strong, Durable and Reliable
  • Meets SFI 29.1 Standards
  • Solves Common Breakage Issues
  • Fits Stock and Aftermarket Converters
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  • Hello. I have a Dodge Ram 2005 5.9 diesel. I have a noise that sounds like it’s between the engine and transmission. The noise is louder at startup for about 10 seconds then quiets down some. How many bolts are supposed to be in the flex plate? I tightened up what I seen. The torque converter does not circulate round and true when running. It looks like it’s out of balance. Sound like a flex plate problem?? Thank you😀

    Jessie butcher | 4/15/2020

    yes it does. 6 torque converter bolts