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ATS Aurora 4000 Turbo

Thoroughbred Sku #: ATSAURORA4000TURBO

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Product Details

Product Name: Aurora 4000 Turbo
Manufacturer: ATS
Application: Fits Most Diesels

One of ATS' most popular turbochargers, the Aurora 4000 turbo is the perfect solution when looking for a turbo that delivers solid power (upto 630 rear-wheel HP) to your truck and can still be driven every day. This system gives you massive power and performance all with lower EGT's and increased efficiency. You get moderate spool-up time, solid mid-range power and boost pressures up to 48 PSI. You don't need head studs with this turbo.
All Aurora compressor and turbine housings are designed to fit perfectly when replacing your stock turbo. ATS housings are designed and manufactured in-house for the best in performance and reliability. NOTE: "Legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway".


  • What down pipe fits this turbo? I know there are 2 different flanges. One is thicker than the other

    Aaron | 3/30/2023

    Includes all necessary hardware, hx downpipe, and flange for a smooth installation

  • I'm looking for a rebuild kit for my Aurora 4000 tutbo on my 12 valve

    Jamie Sizemore | 3/3/2020

    We do not have turbo rebuild kits. You would need to contact ATS DIRECT. 866-209-3695.

  • Is the Aurora 4000 a S300 turbo or a S400? I’m currently looking for a rebuild kit for my turbo. Thanks in advanced!

    Cory Carveiro | 2/26/2020

    You would need to contact ats for the rebuild info. ATS   (800) 949-6002