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ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo

Thoroughbred Sku #: ATSAURORA3000TURBO

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Product Name: Aurora 3000 Turbo
Manufacturer: ATS
Application: Fits Most Diesels

The ATS Aurora 3000 Turbo Charger is a perfect choice for power levels of 525 Rear Wheel Horse Power. If you are thinking about, or have already added a power module to your truck this is the perfect turbo to control the extreme exhaust temperatures-EGT'S, that the additional fuel causes. The ATS Aurora 3000 Upgraded Turbo Charger provides quick response with fantastic midrange torque and a nice top end power level. Matching a Turbo Charger can be difficult; the ATS Aurora 3000 makes the choice very easy due to its wide compressor map. If you are looking for a turbo charger that will keep up with increased amounts of fuel you don't have to look any farther, the Aurora 3000 turbine section reduces back pressure and has a huge compressor housing providing massive air volume.

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