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Andersen Manufacturing Rapid Hitches

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Add a Anderson Stainless Steel Lock Set for Rapid Hitch ONLY - Fits 2" & 2-1/2" Receivers?

Product Details

Product Name: Rapid Hitches
Manufacturer: Andersen Manufacturing
Application: Fits Most Trucks

The revolutionary and extremely popular aluminum adjustable ball mount systems.

The Rapid Hitch - This is the revolutionary aluminum adjustable ball mount that has taken the hitch world by storm. No ball mount is more versatile or easier to use than the Rapid Hitch. Its adjustability allows you to tow easily and safely by keeping your trailer parallel to the ground, maintaining a more stable towing experience.

The Rapid Hitch is made of an aluminum super alloy that will NEVER RUST! The aluminum looks great by itself, so there is no need for paint or chrome that can chip and peel. To keep the shine, you simply need to polish the hitch from time to time and you will have a high gloss surface that looks brand new.

Why Rapid Hitch?

The Rapid Hitch multi-ball system is the perfect hitch for anyone who tows multiple trailers. You can flip the double ball over, change the drop to a rise, or adjust the height of the drop all by simply removing the hitch pin and putting it back in place. With the easy height adjustment you can make sure you are keeping your trailer level. With the 2" and 2 5/16" ball combo, you cover most trailers on the road today. We also have a combination ball that includes the 1 7/8" and 2" ball. Each of the 3 common ball sizes (1-7/8", 2"& 2-5/16") are available individually if desired.

Product Description

  • Made in the USA
  • Polished aluminum rack won’t rust, chip, or peel
  • Quickly adjust height: Pull pin, adjust, slip pin back into place – done!
  • Fits all standard 2" receivers. Sleeve required for 2-1/2" receivers
  • Meets V5 and SAE J684 certifications
  • The standard Rapid Hitch has 11" over-all vertical adjustment on a 6" rise or drop
  • All Rapid Hitch sizes adjust in 1" increments
  • Fully tested and certified by an independent lab
  • All ball sizes are available in zinc plated steel or greaseless aluminum
  • Lightweight…yet extremely strong
  • Anti-theft keyed locking pins available

Available Ball Sizes

  • 1 7/8" and 2" Ball (Available in Greaseless and Zinc Plated Steel)
  • 2" and 2 5/16" Ball (Available in Greaseless and Zinc Plated Steel)


  • Do you sell a locking pin for the ball assembly for the Anderson 3445 to keep someone from stealing the balls? Also how are the balls attached to the assembly?

    Dave | 9/16/2021

    Yes, ANH3492.

  • I a quick hitch with a steel ball 2x2and5/16ths and the aluminum pin that holds the ball in place has sheared. Can I get a replacement pin so I can use this hitch. I got it from a friend and it would be a big help if I can get a replacement internal pin.

    James Cameron | 6/17/2020

    Call Andersen Hitch at 800-635-6106

  • 04 2500 4WD diesel. 380,000+ miles on motor and drive train. What item or items would you recommend to give my truck more horsehorsepower. Or should I leave well enough alone. Thanks

    Kenneth Haworth jr | 1/30/2020

    Most vehicles we would start with a tuner , cold air and exhaust.