aFe Pro 5R (54 Series) Intake

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Product Details

Product Name: Pro 5R Intake (54-Series)
Manufacturer: aFe

For performance minded customers, the pro-5R offers maximum flow for maximum horsepower gains while providing filtration efficiency of more than 98%. 5 layers of progressively finer medical-grade cotton gauze.

Stop your stock intake from holding back your performance—replace it with an advanced system for a power boost you can feel in any driving situation. The AFE Cold Air Intake System comes in 2 different stage options for varying levels of seat-of-your-pants horsepower gains.

Stage 1 Cold Air Intake Systems replace your stock air box and filter with a custom-designed high-flow filter and a powder-coated steel heat shield to keep warm air out of your manifold.

Stage 2 AFE Air Intakes go further, replacing your stock intake tract, too. This allows for the largest, most efficient intake possible, along with monster gains of up to 50 horsepower! And, Stage 2 AFE Air Intakes are perfect for working with future performance upgrades, too.

Each AFE Cold Air Intake System includes a AFE long-life reusable filter. Both Stage 1 and Stage 2 come ready for easy bolt-on installation in half an hour. Plus, your AFE Cold Air Intake System is covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

  • The CX (Classic) System, which is a closed system that completely seals when the hood is shut (available in Stage 1 and Stage 2);
  • The Si (Sealed Intake) System, which is a fully sealed intake system that provides an unbelievably tight seal (available in Stage 2 only);
  • The EZ (Easy Installation) System, which is similar to a Stage 1 CX System, but utilizes aluminum tubes (available in Stage 1 only);
  • The XP (Extreme Performance) System, only available as a Stage 2 type system, that includes a replacement battery box to further increase and direct airflow...aFe's ultimate system!! (available only for certain models).

Features an Benefits:

  • Primary Concern: Convenience
  • Largest HP and TQ Gains
  • Primarily for Street Driving
  • Good Filtration Efficiency
  • Maximum airflow, maximum gains
  • Pro 5R provides the highest airflow levels for the largest gains in horsepower and torque for times when performance is everything
  • Progressive filtration with protection and performance
  • Only aFe's Pro 5R media is progressive in nature, offering 5 layers of progressively more tightly woven cotton gauze for protection levels in the high 98% range without sacrificing airflow


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