RedHead Steering Gears - Steering Gear Box w/36 Spline Sector - 99-04 Ford Powerstroke | 00-05 Ford Excursion

Thoroughbred Sku #: RHG2764BS-CRE

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Product Details

Product Name: Steering Gear Box w/36 Spline Sector
Manufacturer: RedHead Steering Gears
Manufacturer Part #: 2764BS
Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: RHG2764BS
Fitment Notes: 1999-2004 Ford Powerstroke | 2000-2005 Ford Excursion

RedHead replacement steering gear box for Ford Diesels! No, this is not just another rebuilt box like what you'll get at your local auto parts store! These steering boxes are built in Washington state and offer unmatched steering control and longevity.

What makes a Red-Head steering gear better than your average parts store reman box?

Re-manufacturing process includes:

  • Machining out the housings and installing needle bearings
  • Flame-spraying or replacing the shafts as needed
  • Installing new control valves on some applications
  • Custom fitting each worm & piston assembly with special ordered, precise over-sized ball bearings.

RedHead also installs every sector shaft on a lathe to check to be sure it is straight and true & polish the sealing surface to a higher polish than new

RedHead Steering Gears Features:

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Built in the USA
  • Housings are machined out and replaced with needle bearings
  • Shafts are flame sprayed or replaced as needed
  • New control valves installed on some applications
  • Worm and piston assembly are custom fit with special ordered, precise oversized ball bearings
  • Sector shafts are installed on a lathe to confirm they are straight and true
  • Sealing surface is polished to avoid any leaks
  • For more on RedHead Steering Gears call us at 1-859-737-4966.


  • 01 F250 super cab 4x4 got in an accident, hit a wall. Shop says alignment is perfect, but steering wheel spline is from 12 to 6 rather then 9 to 3. Was told the gears jumped inside the box and to replace the box, is that accurate? If so, how do I straighten the steering wheel before installing as it is currently straight up and down rather then side to side. Steering was extremely tight before, the slightest movement of the steering wheel had the truck all over. Which spline do I need?

    Ryan Lukowski | 4/10/2021

    You would need to count the splines. Here is a photo to help.

  • How do I know what spline I need to order without taking it out. I need to order and swap out the steering box when it comes in. I have a 2000 7.3 limited 4x4 excursion on 325/60/20 (36)

    Joey | 11/11/2020

    Unfortunately there isn’t a way to tell what splines you have with out counting them.

  • Will this steering box be sufficient for running 37 x 20 x 12 tires? If so, what spline would you recommend, 32 or 36? Thanks in advance

    Michael Kaeo | 1/27/2020

    Yes it will work fine with those tires. 36 spline

  • Will this take play out of steering wheel

    Chad | 6/6/2019

    Only if all of your other steering components are tight, track bar, tie rod ends, etc.  If your steering box has play in it this would be an excellent upgrade.

  • I have a 2008 f350 6.4 diesel there are two steering boxes for that year how do I know which one it takes with out taking it out

    George Shumate | 12/29/2022

    the build date of the vehicle. Any vehicle built before July 2007will require part# 2768, after July 2007part#2769

  • Will this gearbox fit a 2005 2500 4x4 with a 5.7? Nowhere else specifies the motor for this box. I'd prefer to order it with you. Thanks!

    MIKE WILLIAMSON | 9/16/2022

    Yes, will fit 2500’s.

  • will this steering box fir a 1997 dodge ram 1500 5.2L?

    Hagen | 12/2/2021

    Your vehicle will require Part # 2869-3T.